Reveal Your Lego Set Bright Side

Around a decade ago, if you would have told anyone that the exquisite Lego models can be lightened up with LED lights, none would believe you anyway. You end up spending hours and even days in assembling over hundreds and thousands of Lego pieces to bring out the best look in any structure. However, when the surrounding is dark and there is no external light source, all your patience and dedication go in vain. The lighting kits will make sure your Lego models do not remain in dark, ever.

So, now that you are all excited to know how to light up Lego sets, make sure you have the entire Lego model assembled properly. Example: Light kit installation for Lego Ford Mustang 10265 car.


Unpacking Lighting Kit

You will get a sturdy box containing plastic packets inside which different light accessories are included. Once you open the box, check each packet carefully and open them up one by one to reveal the accessories. It is important that you keep the packets along with the original box of Lego night light  kit in case you need any replacement within the estimated time.  

lego Mustang

Going Through User Guide And Instruction Manual

Among the most important lighting accessories are the user guide book for further installation guidance and the universal instruction manual book with illustrations for each step. It will give you the idea of where to put lights, how to conceal the wires and pass them comfortably through brick separators without forcing them.  

Test The Accessories And Take Further Step

Before you light up Lego sets  finally, it is always recommended to test all the light accessories, especially the LED lights and connecting wires to see if they are working properly or if any accessory is tampered with during shipment. If all parts are perfect, start setting them up and if there is any issue, return and replace them within 7 days of delivery.  

Lights Are Customizable

Just like the Lego models, the lights in the lighting kit are also customizable according to your wish and requirement. Add the different colored LED lights where they are instructed or place them where you want some highlight. The lights of different models can be mix-and-matched to create a larger set and you can also add them to different models.

Passing And Connecting Wires

To light up Lego bricks, you need to connect the LED wires with the lights and expansion boards in a way that they are not obvious to an onlooker’s eyes. At the same time, you need to pass them without forcing or tampering through or beneath the Lego bricks.    

Ford Mustang set

Utilize The Random Lego Bricks

The light kit is not limited to only lighting accessories for the model but also some random colored Lego pieces which can be utilized in case you have lost some pieces of the existing model or want to customize with the model.

Setting Up Additional Accessories  

The best Lego light kits  also include expansion boards, Adhesive Squares, USB cables, warranty card, and battery pack. Keep the after-sale card as the product guarantee for 2 years and purchase AA batteries, as needed, for the battery pack.  

With the introduction of premium handmade LED lights and lighting accessories from Lightailing, Lego enthusiasts are undoubtedly having the best time of Lego building. Although the lighting accessories are of high quality, they are small, delicate and have the risk of choking hazard especially for kids.


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