Super Exciting Lego Set Lights Deals Of Thanks Giving And  BFCM 2019

November is almost midway through and in no time, you would be stocking the best turkey in the town for 28th November celebration. For this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, Lightailing wishes to thank you for the love and appreciation you have conveyed for the handmade lighting kits. When the whole household is getting ready for the festive season, why would your tirelessly assembled Lego structures remain underrated without lights?

Big Offer –50% For First 30 Orders

Black Friday Offer

When you get the best lighting kits for Lego models at half price, well, that is the time of Thanksgiving because the team of Lightailing wants to make the holidays of all the valued customers exciting as ever. Hurry up, mark the date and make sure to place your order because Lightailing  is giving a 50% discount to the first thirty orders. During checkout, you need to enter the code BF50 to avail of this discount. That being said, you can place as many orders as you want back to back and who knows, you end up getting a few products at a 50% discount!   

Sweet Offer –Up To 30% Off On Selective Purchases

Not to worry if you have missed the first opportunity to avail 50% discount –better less than none. The offer is valid from 25th November i.e. 3 days prior to Thanksgiving and will cover the Black Friday on 29th November, through the weekend and conclude on 2nd December, the Cyber Monday. Here are the three deals to look out for –

If you are on a budget or getting small lighting kits like that of Tree House 21318, New Carousel  Set 10257, etc or a collection of small kits such as Robot Wall E 21303, Mia’s House 70651, etc, that cost not less than $39, you are eligible for 10% discount. Enter the code BF10 and bring home lights for your small models. 

Black Friday Offer & thanks giving offer

For every purchase of $79, you will get light kits at a 20% discount. So if you have a number of products on a wishlist that collectively cost $79 or above, make sure to enter BF20 during checkout. Look out for light kits for Hogwarts Castle 71043, Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 and Betrayal At Cloud City 75222 for this deal.   

If you are getting a bunch of lighting kits for you and your loved ones for the Thanksgiving holidays, a 30% discount for the purchase of $199 sounds like a pretty affordable idea. The coupon code for this offer is BF30 and you can avail this by stocking up lighting kits for London Tower Bridge 10214, Ninjago City 70620, Death Star 10188 and so on.  

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays with Lego lights and make the best out of the cheerful vibe of the festive season. 25th November to 2nd December is the time to order your coveted lighting kits for your favorite models –get ready to enjoy the best deals on light kits for the Lego models.

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