Wonderous Lighting Look Of Technical Build Mack Anthem 42078 Set

The Mack Anthem 42078 set from Lego Technic series will be nothing short of a wonder to any school-going kid or even a grownup who has a passion for stylish and beasty automobiles. The Mach Anthem set made up of 2595 pieces rightly brings alive the original truck in authentic black, white, grey and green color scheme.

While the set is ape-appropriate for 11 to 16 years old kids, assembling so many pieces will definitely be a challenge of patience for any adult. The real magic lies in the lighting kits from Lightailing which are designed strategically so that even a 6+ years old kid can set it up with the help of an adult or the user guide book.

Light Kit For Mack Anthem 42078

Special Features Of Mack Anthem Highlighted By The Lighting Kit

With the best Lego light kits, you can lighten up the two-in-one Mack Anthem replica model with state-of-the-art design and engineering details. It is better to assemble the model before you open the plastic packets containing lighting accessories to avoid losing or damaging any delicate part.

The realistic bodywork will look distinct with the addition of the LED lights and the technical features like rear wheels, front-axle steering wheel, moving pistons for the straight 6-cylinder engine, spinning radiator, opening windows for the driver cabin, dashboard with sun visors, adjustable seats and wing mirrors and a bunk bed.

You can use the Lego Mack Anthem light kit  to lighten up the detachable trailer having landing legs, extendable outriggers, synchronizing crane arms that are capable of side-loading and the loading container that has lockable doors.

You can also alter the set into building a garbage truck with the Mack bulldog hood, authentic stickers, and logo of the Mack Trucks Inc.

Know About The Light Kit For Mack Anthem 42078

Light Kit For Mack Anthem 42078

Testing each light kit accessory is an important task because you would not want to see a malfunctioning light or misplaced expansion board once the light setup is complete. To avoid disassembling the Lego model after unsuccessful installation of light kit for Mack Anthem Lego  set, follow the steps –

The illustrated instruction book with installation steps in universal language will help you figure out light kit installation even if you are a layman. After testing the accessories, if you find anything wrong, in 7-days window, replace or return them. The warranty card also offers 2 years of after-sale warranty.

Get three AA batteries before setting up the battery pack and connect the USB hub with the 30cm power cable. Prepare brick separator to pass the 15cm, 30cm and 50cm connecting cables properly.

Light Kit For Mack Anthem 42078

You can light up Lego sets  with the warm white light strip, eleven 30cm LEDs and sixteen 15cm LEDs of warm white tone which are designed especially for highlighting the steering, bodywork, wheels, engine compartment, driver cabin, seats, bunk bed, wing mirrors, and dashboard.

Try out customizing with the 19 random colored Lego pieces and also set up the two 8-port and two 12-port expansion boards and the Adhesive Square according to the user guide.

Check fuel tanks by opening side panels or check the moving pistons, spinning radiator and engine by lifting the hood, operate crane arms to place the container lower its landing legs, steer the Mack Anthem accordingly or extend its outriggers –with Lego light kit, playing becomes more fun.

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