Prospero's Winter village Fire Station 10263

The Lego Creator Expert models always come with a quirk and the Winter Village Fire Station 10263 set featuring a gleeful Christmas holiday celebration of firefighters is nothing short of nostalgia when Thanksgiving is close by. None really feels like working in the winter holidays of Christmas but as firefighters are always ready for any emergency, this Lego model with 1166 pieces can pay tribute to those brave hearts and show how they are human just like any of you and can mingle with you easily in the festive celebrations.

Just as without Christmas lights, the holidays seem incomplete, without the bright and vibrant LED lights from Lightailing this structure too will look dull, especially when night sets in and the room lights are doused.   

Light Kit For Winter Village Fire Station 10263

What The Winter Village Fire Station 10263 Set Is About

Any 12+ years old enthusiast can assemble the pieces while any 6+ years old can bright up Village Fire Station 10263 Lego set  to highlight various actions. Make the firefighter slide down a fire pole to join the party or raise him on the ladder to decorate the tree with the star on the top, illuminate window with light brick or watch the ice hockey player skate on the frozen rink or let the girl build a snowman –lots of play ideas are there.

The holly-adorned 2-level fire station building has garage behind large doors, firefighting elements and fire pole on the ground level while the upper level features a small kitchen, foldable bed for a Minifigure firefighter, dining table, coffee maker, dog bed, radio, and a light brick.

Light Kit For Winter Village Fire Station 10263

With Lego LED light kits  you can highlight the intricate façade, ornate windows, decorative columns, large red doors leading to garage, skating rink with a statue of a firefighter, bench, lamppost, sleigh and Christmas tree adorned with gifts and transparent star.

The classic fire truck in the red color scheme comes with hoses, deep-tread tires, toolbox and turntable ladder that can be raised accordingly. Six Minifigures of three firefighters, the girl wearing a scarf and with a babywearing moose sweater, a musician playing saxophone and an ice-hockey player is there along with Dalmatian and a buildable snowman wearing a top hat.   

How To Lighten Up The Winter Village Fire Station

Light Kit For Winter Village Fire Station 10263

The light kit for Winter Village Fire Station  comes in the sturdy box with separate plastic packets wrapped in bubble films to avoid damage –yet, if there is any broken or malfunctioning accessory, get it replaces or returned within 7 days.

Along with the user guide, you will get an illustrated universal instruction book stating all installation steps. Learn how to pass the three 15cm and one 30 connecting wires between brick separators comfortably or how to set up the Adhesive Square and the two 6-port and one 8-port expansion board.

Light Kit For Winter Village Fire Station 10263

You can light up Lego bricks  with a white and two warm white strip lights, a multi-color changing string, two 15cm red LEDs, three 15cm white LEDs, and eight 15cm warm white LEDs.

Get 3 AA batteries for the CR2013 Oval battery pack and AA battery pack, connect the 30cm power cable with USB hub and customize the model with random colored seven Lego bricks.

As of October 2018 addition, you will find black firefighter uniforms, flower and plant elements along with the usual hockey stick, ice skates, dog bone, bun and hotdog, tools in the toolbox and golden helmets. Test the light accessories before the final installation and enjoy 2 years of manufacturer warranty with the after-sale card.   

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