Wondrous lighting Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter 75240

Disney’s take on the animated Star Wars version with the 2018 sci-fi television show named Star Wars Resistance is going on strong with its second season. Those familiar with it would know how Kazuda Xiono aka Kaz, a pilot of Young New Republic gets recruited as a mechanic-spy for Colossus refueling station’s secret mission under Poe Dameron, the Resistance Commander.

From working at the Castilon ocean planet to taking on intergalactic adventures against the First Order with Dameron and the droids CB-23 and BB-8 –Kaz’s mission is set before the events as shown in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While the Lego model of Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter 75240 recreates moments of space battles, the lighting kit from Lightailing creates a vibrant look of the model in low light conditions to highlight the special features.

Light Kit For Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter 75240

Special Features Of Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter Set

Anyone above six years old can set up the Lego lights for Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter Lego  set under the guidance of an adult or by referring to the user guide. The Lego set comprising of 496 pieces is an easy model to assemble and anyone above 8 years old can get acquainted with the television series by assembling the model.

The toy starship in vibrant red and black color scheme rises 6” in height with 9” length and 7” width. In April this year, some new details have been added to the model such as the molded 4x6 right and left-wing elements, hair element of Kaz and helmet of Vong.


The buildable toy has opening pilot cockpit for the Vonreg Minifigure, two spring-loaded shooters which can be fired with right and left movement of the trigger and three blaster pistols. There are Minifigures of Kazuda Xiono, General Leia, Major Vonreg and R1-J5 Droid or Bucket.  

Lighting Kit For Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter 75240 Model

Open the light kit for Major Vonre’s TIE Fighter  set after assembling the Lego structure and take out the contents from each packet to make sure they have not tampered. Test the delicate and handmade accessories properly before the final installation so that you can return and replace any defective item within one week.

Light Kit For Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter 75240

The lighting kit is designed for all, no matter whether you have any electrical installation knowledge or not. For your aid, the universal instruction manual with illustration and a step-by-step guide is given.

Among the 21 LEDs, the four 15cm red lights and four slow flashing 15cm green lights are for the opening pilot cockpit. There are also two slow flashing 15cm blue lights, eight 15cm blue LEDs and three 15cm warm white LEDs to light up Lego bricks.

Prepare brick separator and pass the 15cm connecting wire without forcing it. Prepare AA batteries to insert in the battery pack and set up the Adhesive Square along with two expansion boards with 12 ports each.

Connect the 30cm USB power cord to the main power and customize the Lego model with random colored 18 Lego pieces.   

As the lighting accessories are small, choking hazards to kids is a risk you would not want to take and so, it is better to keep the accessories safe from kids below six. The high-quality light kit comes with a 2-year warranty validated by the after-sale card.

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