Lighting Ultimate Weapon Temple 70617

Loyd’s battle against his father and wicked lord Garmadon is one of the main subjects of the LEGO Ninjago Movie where animated characters take up adventurous paths while using Spinjitzu martial arts to defeat any evil. The Temple Of The Ultimate Weapon 70617 model from Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu series brings alive the heart-racing battle between Lloyd with his friends and the Jungle Garmadon when he was trapped by ninjas in the jungle.

Light Kit For Temple Ultimate Ultimate Weapon 70617

Playing different roles with different Minifigures and improvising any scene from the movie is always exciting but even more, exciting thing is to lighten up the model with colorful handmade LED lights from Lightailing. Day or night, room lights out or switched on, the LED lights with assorted accessories will make your Ninjago model highlighted always.

An Idea Of The Temple Of The Ultimate Weapon Model

The Weapon Temple Lego set  is made up of 1403 Lego pieces and although the number seems great, the model can be assembled by anyone aged between 9 and 14 years old. The model has 19” length, 11” depth, and 14” width. You can add this model to other Ninjago models to create an extensive set.   

There are seven Minifigures of Zane, Lloyd, Nya, Cole, Kai, Jay and four-armed Jungle Garmadon who has the new jungle-themed outfit. The two buildable 3” tall temple guardian Minifigures are also included in the set. All the seven figures have their assorted weapons for their role-play.

Light Kit For Temple Ultimate Ultimate Weapon 70617

With the Lego night light, you can highlight the temple dungeon with the escape route that also acts as secret entrance, the opening trapdoor, storage room, library, 2 attic rooms and the hanging cage that can house a Minifigure.

Among the most notable features highlighted in the temple are the dynamite dropping and rock dropping mechanisms, chopping sword and shooting blade traps and poles in the pull-out section on which the Minifigures can leap on while reaching the treasure chest.

Know About Lighting Kit For Temple Of The Ultimate Weapon   

Light Kit For Temple Ultimate Ultimate Weapon 70617

No matter if you have no electrical knowledge, the customizable LED light kit for Weapon Temple Lego  set is designed in such a way that even a layman can set up the lights referring to the user guide book.

You will get four 15cm red LEDs to highlight the Temple Guardian Minifigures along with four 15cm blue LEDs, a slow flashing 15cm colored LED, a warm white, two red, two blue and two green strip lights to lighten up the rock and dynamite dropping mechanisms, trapdoor, entrance-escape route in the dungeon, storage room, library, hanging cage and 2 attic rooms.

Light Kit For Temple Ultimate Ultimate Weapon 70617

The Weapon Temple lighting kit  comes with a universal instruction manual with illustrations to help you in the step-by-step installation regarding how to set up the 12-port and two 6-port expansion boards or connect the two 30cm, six 15cm and a 5cm connecting wires through the bricks without tampering.

You need to get three AA batteries beforehand for the lighting kit battery pack and connect the 30cm USB power cord to the main hob. You will also get an Adhesive Square and thirteen random Lego pieces in case you want some customization with the model.

Keep the warranty card for any product related service within two years and test the accessories right after opening the box to make sure all parts are intact and working properly.    




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