5 Effective Ways to Get More Fun Out Of Lego City Builds

Since your elementary school days, a perfect definition of your society consisted of the police station, fire station, caravan, passenger train and a plethora of different transports used for different purposes. Lightailing makes sure that the interest of assembling Lego pieces never dies and hence came the extraordinary lighting kits for the famous models from Lego City. Here are five effective hacks to bring out the best in each model with the light kits –

lego city

Installing Lights after Completing the Structure

Although you feel like opening up the light kit box to see the ingredients even before your structure is complete, the idea is to light up Lego sets  only after assembling the model completely. The reason is very simple –unless you are convinced that the structure is complete, you would not be sure as to where the lights are to be installed or where the lights would look best.  

Make Customization with the Random Bricks from Light Kit

Almost all the lighting kits include a number of random colored Lego bricks and the number of the bricks varies from set to set. In order to create something unique out of the structure as well as the lighting, make use of the random bricks for your existing structure. These bricks will also be helpful in case you have lost some pieces or wish to make alterations to the model.  

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Connect Two or More City Models With Single Power Source

The light kit for Lego City building sets  is designed in such a way that you can enjoy customizing two or more kits in building an extensive model. For example, if you are planning to create a fire rescue scenario with the Lego City models like Fire Ladder Truck, Fire Station and Downtown Fire Brigade, the lighting kits of these structures can also be combined and connected with the single power source so that you can lighten up the three structures together by turning on a single switch.

Conceal the Lighting Accessories Strategically For Better Look

The Lego LED light kits  to come with high-quality lights, some connecting wires, expansion boards, Adhesive Squares, USB cable, etc, which would ruin the exterior look of a Lego City model if they are seen obvious and covering a part of the model. Pass the wires comfortably through the bricks and conceal the other accessories behind the model so that the original look of the structure is not compromised, but enhanced with the lights.   

lego las vegas city set light kit

Experiment with the Existing Lights from Light Kit   

The Lego City building sets lighting  can be customized in whatever way you feel suitable i.e. you can interchange two different colored LEDs in two different areas or highlight a certain part instead of another. You can also add lights from other models to lighten up your structure and make it more vibrant. Make sure you also alter the connecting cables and expansion boards according to the customization of lights.

While beginners are learning to use their patience and skill in creating models faster than before, the seasoned ones or adults with prior experience of Lego building would build Lego City models at ease. Make experiments, customize with lights and bricks and make your favorite structure from Lego City.



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