6 Biggest Lego builds Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Lego building skill is an innate talent that helps a kid to assemble pieces without any help. Not many kids need help in figuring out how to assemble the Lego pieces and the skill is nurtured as he/she grows up with more detailed structures to build.

lego light kit

Assembling the pieces is not such a big deal if you are attentive, determined and patient enough to give it a proper shape but when it comes to adding the LED lights, many Lego enthusiasts end up making some mistakes unknowingly. Here are the six most common mistakes that are easily avoidable for an enjoyable Lego building –

Scattering Lego Pieces and Lighting Accessories

The Lego LED light kits  to consist of delicate and small parts like the lights, connecting wires, USB cable, random colored Lego pieces, etc which can often get mingled with the already small Lego plates, bricks, and stubs. While during assembling the structure and installing the lights, many builders tend to be unorganized, it is recommended that you keep the Lego pieces and the light kit separately.   

Letting Kids Assemble Age Inappropriate Lights

One of the commonest complaints parents have regarding Lego building is choking on the small parts. Kids do not have the common sense of choking hazards and infants, as well as toddlers, often put things they like in their mouth. To avoid this, the easiest way is to remain seated in front of them while they play with Lego and make sure that you give only age-appropriate structures to them. Only an adult should install Lego night light  kits, kids can watch from distance or help you under supervision.   

Installing Lights before Completion of Lego Structure

light kit installation

Although the user guide mentions that one should only install the LED lighting kits once the original Lego structure is completely assembled, many tend to give in to the curiosity and open up the light kit to start installing. To avoid complications while you light up Legos assemble the structure completely so that you know where to install the lights and where to pass the wires through.

Not Testing Accessories before Final Set-Up

Each lighting kit comes with an after-sale warranty card that lets you ask for replacement and repair of any accessory within a year. However, as you would be working with delicate electrical parts, before complete installation of lights you should test each part properly to make sure they are in perfect shape and working properly. If not, replace or return them within a week.  

Passing LED Wires Forcibly Through Lego Pieces

light kit safety install

People often end up passing the LED wires forcibly through the Lego pieces and often keep the wires under the pieces because the main concern is to conceal them in such a way that they do not ruin the outer look of the structures. When you light up Legos, to avoid tampering or malfunctioning, it is mandatory that you never pass the wires forcibly or roughly but comfortably in between, below or through the pieces.  

Connecting Lights without Referring To Instruction Manual  

The instruction manual and user guide books are included in each light kit so that Lego enthusiasts can easily install the light kit by referring to detailed steps in the universal language. Do not be over-confident in light installation even if you have electrical knowledge; rather check each installation step to avoid any electrical hazard.

While some mistakes are easily rectifiable, others can be quite complicated resulting in replacement and unfortunate accidents. Deter from the above-mentioned mistakes and lighten up your structures safely.


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