Explores to Witness brightest Lego building of Police Station 60141

From Fire Station to Pizza Van, from the Fire Truck to the Police Station, Lego City structures always offer excellent opportunity to try out customization in different scenarios. As for the Police Station 60141 model, it can be a great choice for your kids in the age group of six to twelve although there are 894 Lego pieces to assemble. Not only kids but also the adults would enjoy creating a breaking out scene of the crooks from the jail, only to be apprehended by the police and police dog afterward. With the Lightailing light kit, your scenes would not be limited to daytime but also night so that anyone can have a glimpse of your detailed model.

Light Kit For Police Station 60141

Knowing About the Lego Police Station 60141 Set

The Police Station 60141 Lego lighting set  is designed especially to highlight special featured of the three-storied Police Station including jail cell, motorbike, pursuit car, cherry-picking truck, watchtower, and offices.

You will find seven Minifigures including four police officers, three crooks and of course the adorable police dog.

The three leveled station has two prison cells with toilets, air vent, opening grill, a helipad on a rooftop for the 3”x7” helicopter, antenna for the satellite dish, ramp, searchlights, overhead walkway, watchtower, barrier gate, three offices, and garage.

The light kit for Police Station 60141  can lighten up the helicopter with opening cockpit and spinning rotors, the truck for the crooks with a cherry picker that can be rotated and extended.

The accessories include three handcuff sets, two walkie-talkies, four mugs, megaphone, crowbar, wrench, camera, two dynamite sticks, and lollypop stop signage.  

Things To Know About Light Kit For Police Station 60141

Light Kit For Police Station 60141

Extend cherry picker for putting dynamite inside the vent or explode cell wall to break out the crooks and then raise the garage door to push a lever and start the pursuit car –all these can be made more dynamic with the lighting kit for Lego set. To avoid tampering or losing any delicate part of the kit, make sure to complete assembling and if you find any defect, replace them within a week with the help of warranty card.

The 36 LEDs inside the separate plastic bags in the box include eight strip lights of warm white tone, a slow flashing 30cm white light, eleven slow flashing 15cm white lights, two 15cm warm white LEDs, two white lights measuring 30cm each, two white lights measuring 15cm each and two red lights measuring 15cm each.

Light Kit For Police Station 60141

You can bright up Police Station 60141  with four connecting cables measuring 5cm each and another four measuring 30cm each. There are also five expansion boards with 6 ports and two with 8 ports, two Adhesive Squares, a 30cm power cable for the USB hub and a battery pack where you have to enter AA batteries.

Follow the detailed installation steps in universal language from the user guide book and instruction book. Customize with the structure with 15 random colored Lego pieces. Plugin and test the accessories –in case of discrepancy, the after-sale card lets you change accessory(s) within a year.

The stunning models of the cityscape from the Lego City Series are always enjoyable to assemble because not only do Lego enthusiasts relate to them with their daily life but also they can be often combined with other models for an extensive city view. Combine the lights, customize them as you want and there will be no more overshadowed model.    


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