5 Fun Fact About Lego New Carousel Set

As a Lego enthusiast, you might surely be overwhelmed to know that Lego has returned to the fair recently. The new carousel set is now available in the market and pit is studded with many exciting features. In the case of the new carousel set, excitement is the ultimate things that can bring fun to the Lego fans. The set is complicated and it might improve the instincts of the Lego fans to make the model out of the Lego pieces. The Lego carousal can be also studded with the distinct light kit which can give it a realistic view.

Top 5 fun facts about the New Carousel Set

New Carousal set light kit

The new carousel set of Lego has the following fun facts which make it totally exciting to the fans of Lego. Five most intriguing fun facts are given below.

Seven diversified mini-figures

It is obviously funny that carousel is a part of the fair. So the set is studded with many mini-figures. You can get to see people of different ages. The adults and the children are present with the most detailed clothes. Among the mini-figures, there is a middle-aged ticket seller who adds up more detailing to the set. The children in the model are wearing colorful clothes which are most obvious for a fair. However, the mini-figures are not new; the outfits deliver them an outstanding outlook.

Light kit for lego carousal set

The Printed parts

The printed parts that include in the model can be funny to one who makes the structure. All the printed parts look retro. You can find 12 tiles of the dark blue color. Moreover, the tickets also have a retro outlook.  As a fan, you can add good variation in your set. Furthermore, you can expect outstanding generic look from the set too. These printed parts can look outstanding with the Lightailing light kit installed in the model.

A movable Lego Model

This is one of the most prominent fun features when it comes to the carousel model. This new model has 12 base sections, unlike the old one which had 18. The model moves with the handle and the mechanism stands on the tooth gears. There are tires present in the model which provides outstanding rotation to the model.

There is a second stage of the base which is identical to the first one. Here you need to set up the base just like you did in the first one. You can add the technic light kit parts here easily. In the end, you might see the carousel moving in a realistic manner.

Lego lighting kit set

Many animals

There are a number of animals present in the model and it can be funny to assemble them. Some of the leading animals are tiger, elephant and the duck. A flamenco bird is also there in the model.

Lightailing Lights

It will be very funny if you add up the light kit to the Lego carousel set. You can attach the model in a funny manner as you need no technical knowledge to set the light kit up. All the lights can be easily set up with a common power circuit.

So, these are the top 5 facts that you need to know while buying the carousel set of Lego! Interesting, isn't it?







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