Trivia Challenge Of Lego Super Heroes, Avengers: Endgame

The time has come finally after months of waiting for the Avengers Endgame as it is creating a rave in the worldwide theatres. Just as all the people in love with the Avengers are still on over with the trivia that started with the Iron Man coming out of the cave in the first film of the franchise, the Lego lovers will have the exclusive Endgame sets to relive in that trivia. When Thanos, the MCU villain snapped his fingers to erase half of the human population from the world and the Avengers lost many of their allies, Tony Stark became alienated in space with Nebula.

While Stark sends Pepper a message stating they are short on food, water, and oxygen, the rest of the Avengers including Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Ant-Man and Thor tries to figure out a way to fight back Thanos and bring back the vanquished ones with Captain Marvel. The new Lego Avengers Endgame kits feature the new scenes depicting how the battle might be.  So, let’s enjoy the trivia with the Lego kits celebrating the revolutionary journey of the Avengers.

lego Avengers War

Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

With 838 pieces this structure is as detailed as the spaceships of Lego Star Wars and features a battle scene with Chitauri forces. Minifigures of Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Rocket and two Chitauri are there with energy sticks, bow and arrow, blasters, gun and two stud shooters of the Trike.

War Machine Buster

This superhero set with 362 pieces features the mini-figures of Ant-Man, War Machine along with two Outriders. There are flick missiles, mini cockpit, six stud shooter, two detachable cannons, gripping hands, posable legs, and arms.

Avengers Compound Battle

For this 699 piece set, Lightailing offers lighting kits for the headquarters of Avengers. There are two-storied building with meeting room, garage, helipad, laser-beamed safe, tilting rotating radar, stud shooters, adjustable rotors for buildable helicopter and offroader having stud shooter and rotating turret. Here you will find Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, Nebula, Thanos, and Hulk in the epic battle.

Lego Captain America

Captain America Outriders Attack

With 167 pieces for the buildable motorbike of Captain America having a mini-figure cockpit, two non-shooting detachable blasters, two shield shooters, fold-down stand and attachment points. Along with Captain, you will get three Outriders mini-figures. There is the helmet element for 2019 edition and you will get to decorate suits to create battle scenes from the movies of MCU.

lego iron man

Iron Man Hall Of Armor

If you have remembered Tony Stark’s lab from Iron Man 3 distinctively, this 524 piece set with mini-figures of Iron Man MK 1, MK 5, MK 41 and MK 50 along with the two outriders will definitely feel like being in that trivia. The modular lab can be stacked and combined in various ways according to your choice and can be made more exciting with Lightailing light. The hall features a rotating podium, two robotic arms, kitchen, desk, tool storage, radar dish, storage modules, etc. You can also create the Igor Suit with the mobile robot and mini-figure cockpit.

Apart from these, you can also try the Thanos: Ultimate Battle with figurines of Gamora, Star-Lord and Iron Man fighting against Thanos, Quantum Realm Explorers with mini-figures of Ant-Man, Wasp and the Ghost, The Guardian’s Ship, Captain Marvel, and The Skrull Attack and Stark Jet and Drone Attack set.         


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