Meet With New Released "Lego Toy Story 4" Minifigures

The wait is over as the quirky and adorable Toy Story 4 is going to hit the theatres on 21st June on Friday. But as it is still a few weeks away, Lego has come up with the Toy Story 4 kits that were unveiled first in New York Toy Fair. While many stores have stocked up the kits from April, in some stores, the Lego kits will be available from the beginning of May. The Lego Star Wars kits were and still are a great success and it can be said beyond any doubt that the four new additions of the Toy Story merchandise will not be left behind.

With the Lego kits launching in the market, the demand for lighting kits too will increase because every Lego enthusiast is now inclined towards making the tirelessly built strictures look more natural, regardless of whether it is day or night. So, what are the new mini-figurines from Toy Story 4?

Four New Sets For Toy Story 4

Unlike the complex Star Wars or Avengers sets, the Toy Story 4 sets might seem like basic sets for beginners. This is because they are designed according to the Lego 4+ theme for juniors who are not so efficient for the full-fledged sets but are over Duplo sets for kids. Lightailing has you covered with the light kits for the following sets –

Lego Buzz And Woody Carnival Mania 10770

Lego toy story 4

Coming with 230 Lego pieces, this extensive carnival scene can be made jovial with the lighting kits by Lightailing. Here you will get mini-figurine of characters like Buzz Light Star, Woody, Bunny (voiceover by Peele), Ducky (voiceover by Key) and Bo Peep wearing battle attire which was inspired from Rey. While Bunny and Ducky voiced by Peele and Key are all-time favorites of an audience, the new addition of Bo Peep is definitely going to create a hype.

Lego RV Vacation 10769

Lego RV Vacation 10769

Lighten up the small yet lively recreational vehicle behind a boom gate and the small lodge with Lightailing lights. The mini-figurine of Jessie is there with the adorable green T-Rex with white teeth, a green alien in blue dress and various small structures like a skateboard, apple, trees, outdoor kitchen, etc. With 178 Lego pieces, the structure also comes with Forky, the character with a voiceover by ‘Buster Bluth’ fame Tony Hale. This simple yet detailed design will definitely bring you back your childhood and keep your kids occupied for long.   

Lego Carnival Thrill Coaster 10771

Lego Carnival Thrill Coaster 10771

The one alien from the Toy Story along with Buzz Lighteye will be featured in the Carnival Roller Coaster that is made up of 98 Lego pieces. This is the most pocket-friendly kit of Toy Story and that is why you would not get many characters in it.

Lego Woody And RC 10766

Lego Woody And RC 10766

With 69 Lego pieces, this structure can be your best choice for a cost-friendly Lego structure. The adorable mini-figurine of Woody is there with his colorful car controlled by radio. There are also the orange small traffic cones, green micro figurines of army men and toy blocks.

From the molded mini-figurine heads used in the older models, the new smiling heads are definitely something you should look forward to. The Toy Story 4+ sets are lined up, so till then enjoy these small-scale adorable Lego structures.

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