An Abundance Of Fans Light Kits for Lego Mustang

Those who have a knack for vintage cars would definitely recognize the Ford Mustang 1967 and would want to possess it anytime. However, not everyone has the luxury of spending a fortune for such a glamorous car and this is why Lego has brought to you the Flashback Kit for 91947 Mustang that comes with 1471 pieces. You can build or customize this Lego car and even jack up its rear end. In its Creator series of an automobile, especially cars, Lego has introduced the kit that comes at about USD 150 and can also be made more vibrant with the help of lighting kits.

lego light kit for Mustang

So, what can you expect from this new Lego Ford Mustang kit?

  • The entire structure of the Lego car, when fully assembled, will be 13 inches in length and you won’t find it complicated as the package comes with instruction manual and user guide stating about the original Ford Mustang and the design process of the Lego kit.
  • At the rear end of the Mustang badge, you will get the V-8 engine and battery with perfect detailing, air filter, and hose. The side doors can be opened and will reveal you the steering wheel 2-toned bucket seats, rearview mirror, AM-only radio, and T-handle shifter.
  • If you wish to have a pseudo-Targa flashback, you can remove its roof panel for open access. Other customization apart from the  light kit will be the supercharger, ducktail spoiler, Nitrous Oxide Tank to add on the trunk and exhaust pipes on the sides.
  • For a funky hot-rod getup, you can raise its rear suspension and apply any of the available international and U.S license plates to give it a complete look.

Lego Light kit for Ford Mustang

What Is Special About The Lighting

Now that you are aware of the whole structure, you would wish to give it a realistic look with the LED lights because nowadays almost every Lego enthusiast uses the lights for their dedicatedly built structure.

  • Designed according to the upgraded Creator Mustang 10265, the Lego Mustang light kit is a DIY kit i.e. you will not need electrical knowledge to install the lights amid the bricks.
  • With high reduction degree, there are blue LEDs for front headlights, white LEDs for carriage lights and 6 red LED rows for taillights, making the car lighten up 24x7.
  • Once you build the entire car, the lights are to be installed in voltage less than 5 Volts in order to avoid burning risk. You can power it up with a computer or mobile USB charging ports.  

lego Mustang car

In this new Creator series, you will get Ferrari F40m VW Microbus, Mini Cooper along with the Ford Mustang and others. However, the Ford Mustang steals the limelight with its extensive detailing namely white racer stripes on the navy blue body, GT badges, hood scoop and 5 spoke wheels covered with stout rubber tires styled in Torque Thrust. Anyone over sixteen years of age is eligible to create this Lego structure and needless to say, it has earned a wide fan base that consists of both teenage and grownups.

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