5 Fun Things You Need to Know About Trevi Fountain

A brief look into the Roman architectural marvels and you will definitely stumble upon the Trevi fountain or Fontana di Trevi which was supposedly designed partly by Nicola Salvi. After 30 years spent in building this Baroque monument, Salvi died, and his sculptor friend Pietro Bracci completed it in 1762 after eleven years of his demise.

Thanks to the light kit for the Trevi Fountain 21020, now you can easily lighten up the Lego structure at night and create a stunning night view. However, before you start assembling the Lego pieces and add lights, here are five fun things about Trevi Fountain that you should know –

Light kit for The Trevi Fountain 21020

The History Of Trevi Fountain Is Over 2000 Years Old

The Trevi Fountain was once the Aqua Virgo, one of the significant aqueducts running beneath Rome and it was constructed during 19 B.C. by Marcus Agrippa. Dating back to 1453, the design was renovated under Leon Battista Alberti at the terminal of the old aqueduct. It acquired its name as Three Street Fountain from Goddess Trivia who protects the junction of the three streets.    

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Trevi Fountain Symbolizes Different Aspects Of Water

When you are getting the light kit for Lego architecture of Trevi Fountain, which is one of the greatest Baroque open-air theaters in Rome, make sure you know that the central structure is not Neptune, but Oceanus, the sea god, surrounded by Tritons and seahorses. The Triton depicts rough sea with a restless horse on the left while the tranquil ocean is depicted through the Triton with the calm steed. Agrippa on the left with toppled vase stands for water source while Virgo on the right stands for water for healthy nourishment.  

LED light for lego

The 19th Century Coin Tossing Ritual Now Applies To Charity

In ancient times, Romans used to toss coins into the water to appease gods for a speedy return to their home, and the sip of water was also considered as good luck. The tradition of tossing coins over right shoulder is still very prominent for return to Rome and was more popularized in the 19th century by Wolfgang Helbig. The coins are collected from the Trevi fountain every night to offer to Caritas, an Italian Charity that helps needy people to get groceries from the supermarket with rechargeable cards.  

Trevi Fountain Has Its Slice Of Poetic And Cinematic Features  

When you get the light kit for Lego set, make sure you read ‘The Marble Faun’ (the poetry written on Trevi Fountain) by Nathaniel Hawthorne once. Roman Holiday and Three Coins In The Fountain are some of the famous movies apart from the classic La Dolce Vita, where the fountain has been featured. After Marcello La Dolce Vita fame Mastroianni passed away, the fountain was shrouded with black crepe.    

light kit for lego Trevi Fountain 21020 

The Fountain Has Fallen Victim To Vandalism

With an estimation of over 3000 Euros tossed daily into the Trevi Fountain, you will be surprised to know that a bandit named Roberto Cercellatta aka d’Artagnan had stolen these coins for more than thirty years with a magnet in shape of a sword. Although it is not possible to showcase through the light kit for the Trevi Fountain 21020, in 2007 the fountain water had turned red after a vandal poured some liquid substance to pass through the circuit system. Thankfully, the water was soon drained out.   

Made out of Travertine stone, the same material used for building the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain with 49-meter width is around 257 years old and is a popular attraction of Italy. Such a legendary architectural digest is sure to be on a wishlist for every traveler while the Lego enthusiasts would love to utilize their time and skill in building a miniature and realistic version of the fountain.


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