The Lightailing Idea of Giving Vitality in a Lego Set

If you are a Lego enthusiast and have a knack of creating new structures with your own touch of customization, you would definitely miss the vitality of these structures when they are kept in darkness. As much creative and spectacular the structures look in the daytime, when the evening sets in and the lights of the room are switched off, you will feel the futility of the creation. Lightailing makes sure you no longer miss the liveliness of these structures at night, and that is why you are offered the LED lighting kits for the Lego structures. There is a light for Lego car, buildings, action scenario, superheroes, and many more to meet the expectation of users. Check out the best structures that can achieve the vitality with the lighting kits –

light kit for Lego Bugatti set

Lego Star Wars

If you already have the Death Star 10188 with 3803 Lego pieces or have got the new Death Star 75159 with 4016 pieces, the light kit for Star Wars Lego will definitely make the structures have a stunning touch. The complex Millennium Falcon with 7541 Lego pieces will be another excellent structure to use the lights. R2-D2, Super Star Destroyer, Imperial Star Destroyer, Jakku Quad Jumper, etc. are also some of the popular Star Wars structure which needs the lights for the sci-fi ambiance.

Starwar robot Wall-E

Lego Cars from Creator and Technic Sets

Those who love automobiles and want their vehicles to look dynamic even in low light conditions will love the LED light for Lego car and buses. Vintage car lovers will get to lighten up the interior and front lights of the Bugatti Chiron and Porche 911 GT3 RS from the Lego Technic set. Volkswagen Beetle, James Bond Aston Martin and Mini Cooper from the Creator set along with the T1 Camper Van and the widely known London Bus are also some of the best Lego cars that will get a new look with the Lightailing lighting sets.

light kit for lego Porsche car

Lego Harry Potter

Growing up watching the Harry Potter movies or reading Harry Potter books is as blissful for the Pottermore as recreating the scenes from the fantasy world itself. The light kit for Harry Potter Lego set will let you create the magical world of Harry Potter starting from the Hogwarts Castle itself with 6020 Lego pieces, followed by Hogwarts Great Hall with 878 pieces along with ten mini figures and the Hogwarts Express with 801 pieces and five mini figures including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Remus, etc. Another extensive set is the Whomping Willow that comes with the Flying Car and mini figures of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Finnigan, Filch, Snape and Hegwig. The yellow, red, and white LED lights will make these structures look like a miniature version right out of the movies.

light kit for lego harry potter sets

Lego Architecture

From the London Bridge to the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace to the Arc de Triomphe – no architectural digest from around the world would look beautiful at night if not for the lights. With the light kit for Lego architecture, you can create the mesmerizing night view of the Lego structures, namely London Skyline, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trevi Fountain, Eiffel Tower, etc.       

Giving vitality to these structures with the LED lighting kits will be everyone’s cup of tea as the kits are designed with plug and play feature. Besides, you will get the descriptive user manual to get help in the installation of the lights and wires properly through the structures.

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