5 Mind-Blowing Light Kit For The Lego StarWars Sets

Depicting scenes from various Star Wars franchise films, the Millennium Falcon, Imperial TIE Fighter, Slave I, Betrayal at Cloud City, and Kylo Ren’s Shuttle will be every Lego enthusiast’s dream. Briksmax and Lightailing help the fans keep their Lego structures highlighted throughout day and night.

The Star Wars Day passed recently on 4th May and many Lego builders might have rebuilt their existing structures or got new ones to celebrate the day. Without those light effects, no Star Wars movie seems complete, and to give life to your Lego structures, the easy-to-install light kits from Lightailing and Briksmax are there.

Top 5 Lego Star Wars Set Lighting Kits

Many enthusiasts assemble the 1353 pieces to add light kit for Millennium Falcon 75257 that includes four strips and one 15cm LED of warm white tone, two slow flashings 30cm red, and six 15cm blue LEDs. Many users got lights for the Death Star or Darth Vader’s Castle and here are more –

1. Millennium Falcon 75192 Lights

Although a 2017 edition, this remains the largest ever Lego structure with 7541 pieces, four classic and three Episode VII and VIII crew figures. Light kit for Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192  includes one 30cm and four 15cm LEDs and eleven white strip lights, two 30cm warm white, two 30cm and four 15cm red, one 30cm and twenty-eight 15cm blue LEDs. Accessories are one 8-port, one 12-port and nine 6-port expansion boards, 51 Lego pieces, multifunction board, six 30cm, six 5cm and ten 15cm cables etc.    

2. Imperial TIE Fighter 75211 Lights

This 519-piece Solo: A Star Wars Story model with four Minifigures is lightened up with one warm white 15cm, three blue 15cm and eight slow flashing 30cm colored LEDs. Light kit for Imperial TIE Fighter 75211  includes three 6-port expansion boards, two 15cm cables, two 1x1x2/3 Roof Tile, and nine Round 1x1 Trans Clear Plates.  

3. Betrayal At Cloud City 75222 Lights

The 2812-piece model from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is highlighted with two 30cm, three 15cm LEDs and two blue strips, twelve 15cm LEDs and three white stripes, nine 30cm, fourteen 15cm LEDs and one warm white strip, one slow flashing 20cm colored and four 30cm red lights, one 30cm and two 15cm red LEDs and one 15cm green LED. Light kit for Betrayal at Cloud City 75222  six 8-port and two 12-port expansion boards, multifunction board, thirty-seven pieces, four 5cm, four 15cm, and three 30cm cables.  

4. Slave I 75243 Lights

The 1007-piece 20th-anniversary edition is lightened up with one 15cm LED and two strip lights of warm white glow, four 15cm white, and four 15cm red LEDs. Light kit for Slave I 75243  features 6-port and 8-port expansion boards, one 5cm, one 15cm and two 30cm cables, multifunction board, and nine Lego pieces.  

5. Kylo Ren’s Shuttle 75256 Lights

With five Lego pieces, two 5cm and three 30cm cables, two 6-port and three 8-port expansion boards, the light kit for Kylo Ren’s Shuttle 75256  brightens up the 1005-piece villain’s starship from The Rise of Skywalker. The lights include one small strip light and four 30cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm white LEDs, four slow flashing 30cm and seven 15cm red LEDs and two 15cm yellow LEDs.

The Star Wars is supposedly one of the most celebrated and grandest sci-fi movie franchises in the world and the Lego Star Wars series makes perfect justice to treat the global fandom. May the force be with you!

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