Immerse little builder with Exciting lighting Theme park Set Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375

Create a vibrant effect in your Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375 set with the handmade and high-quality LED lighting kit from Briksmax. With 28 sufficiently bright lights, the model from the animated series remains highlighted no matter whether the room is dark or bright.   

One of the popular Lego-inspired animated television shows for the kids, the Friends Of Heartlake City revolved around the happening lives of five best friends. The Lego Friends series rightly brings back those jovial moments shared between Mia, Emma, Olivia, Stephanie and Andrea in various models. Among those, the Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375 set made up of 1251 Lego pieces is such a structure that is neither of beginner nor advanced level. You do not need to be an expert Lego builder to assemble the pieces as the set is age-appropriate for 8+ years old enthusiasts. Coming to the light kit of Briksmax, you can easily install without having electrical skill.

What Are Specialties Of Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375 Set

Both the Lego light kit  and the Lego set consists of delicate and small pieces that can cause choking hazards and are prone to get lost or mingled up. To avoid any such incidents, assemble the structure first and then keep the brick separators ready to pass the cables smoothly.

You will get two animal figures including the dolphin and octopus, two skeleton figures and five mini-dolls including the mermaid named Chloe, Zack, Stephanie, Emma and Olivia.

The pirate ghost ship toy stands 11 inches tall with 6 inches in length and 15 inches in width. The cars whizz around the pirate shipwreck and the daunting textile foils of the ride and gets into the world of scorpions, skeletons and bats.

The toy carousel ride is another star attraction that stands 10 inches tall with width and depth 7 inches respectively. It has three chairs that hover around with twisting and spinning function to create a blur effect.

Fairgoers can get in and out through the turnstiles, get tickets at the ticket kiosk and win treats from the spin-the-wall stall.

Lighting Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375 With Light Kit

As the light kit for Heartlake City 41375  does not come with any battery for the two AA battery holders, you should get them in advance. The light kit is designed for anyone above six years old and you get a 1-year manufacturer guarantee with an after-sale card.

You get a user guide for the latter installation and two illustrated instruction manuals for ease of installation. Six Lego pieces of random color are there for customization and two power cables measuring 30cm each are for the USB hub.

The light kit for Lego  Heartlake City Amusement Pier comprises of a flashing module board that can adjust the glow of two multi color changing string lights. Also included are one 15cm and two large 15cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm white, one 10cm and one 30cm yellow, two 15cm and two 30cm pink, one 30cm and two 15cm red, two 30cm and five 15cm green and two 30cm and three 15cm blue LEDs.

Pass 5cm, 15cm, 30cm and two 50cm connecting wires between stubs. Prepare one 12-port, two 8-port and three 6-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares.

Let the Mini-dolls enjoy the night ride on carousel or pirate ship coaster –before adding lights, test each accessory properly. Send back the box in a week in case of any defect and get the replacement.  

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