Awesome 60208 Sky Police Parachute Arrest set!

A kid-friendly set made up of over 200 pieces to assemble, the Lego City Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208 makes way for easy building with the Instruction Plus. Regardless of your electrical knowledge, the Briksmx lighting kit is easy to install so that the Lego structure is always the center of attention.

Be it during lockdown when you find a lack of things to do with your kids or any other time when you need to keep your kids engaged, the Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208 is a perfect option. This beginner-level set from the Lego City series consists of only 218 pieces and is age-appropriate for any kid aged above five years. From the Sky Police Jet to the Police Motorbike, from the parachute of the crook to the buggy car –there are endless play opportunities with these vehicles in different scenarios as per your wish. What makes this crooks’ escapade and police’s chase so exciting is the premium and handmade lighting kit from Briksmax that can be installed even if you do not have knowledge in electrics.

What Is So Special About Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208 Set

You need to assemble the structure or help your kids do it first so that you can get started with the Lego lighting kit. Install Instructions Plus app on your mobile or tablet so that kids get intuitive help in assembling the pieces.

For the two Police vehicles, there are two police office Minifigures and for the two crook vehicles, there are two crook Minifigures. Two backpacks filled with the loot are also included for the crooks.

The Sky Police Jet has height, length, and width of two inches, eight inches and seven inches respectively. The Lego LED light kit will highlight the high-speed jet that has an opening cockpit for a police Minifigure.

The Jet Plane features the extending hook to capture the functional parachute with a Crook Minifigure. It has a height and width of eleven inches and seven inches respectively.

The one inch high and two inches long Police Motorbike can chase the crook on the getaway buggy that has height, length, and width of one inch, three inches, and one inch respectively.    

Brighten Up Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208 With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego set 60208  comes in a sturdy box and inside it, the respective plastic packets containing accessories are kept safe from handling damage with air-bubble protection. Make sure the required quantity of the AA batteries are arranged and help the kids in preparing the brick separators for ease of entering the cables without force.

For customization with the Lego set, you will get five random colored Lego pieces. To get started with the step-by-step light kit installation, refer to the illustrated manual and the user guide.

Light up Legos  with one slow flashing 15cm green light, one slow flashing 15cm red light, and three warm white 15cm LEDs. To adjust the glow of the lights, you will get the turn signal.

Insert batteries inside the CR2032 Oval battery pack, set up the 6-port expansion board, and while maintaining a below 5V main power, connect the USB hub to the socket and use the 30cm power cord.

For any kind of quality issue such as broken part or malfunctioning accessories, you have a replacement guarantee valid on returning the box within a week of getting the light kit delivered. However, if you face any such issues within a year, you can use the after-sale warranty card.

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