A Rewarding Building Experience of Lego Harry Potter Hedwig 75979 Set

With over 600 Lego pieces, the Lego Harry Potter Hedwig 75979 set is a movable model ensuring a challenging and rewarding Lego building experience for any Potterhead. With seventeen premium LEDs and high-quality lighting accessories from Briksmax, the wings, eyes, and the pedestal gets highlighted regardless of day and night.

Light Kit For Hedwig 75979

There will hardly be any Potter more who has never dream of getting one snow owl like Hedwig from the legendary Harry Potter saga. The fan-favorite pet of Harry Potter bade adieu in the Deathly Hallows and the Lego Harry Potter series has brought it alive through the 630-piece Hedwig 75979 set. Suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above ten years, this set will be one of the best gifts for those who want to get an invitation to the magical world of Hogwarts. While unlocking the creative potential of kids and enhancing the problem-solving skills, the model lets you recreate various scenes from the book or movie. Briksmax offers you a handmade light kit that can be easily set up by experts and laymen alike to make sure that the structure is not overshadowed.

Special Features Of The Hedwig 75979 Set

The Harry Potter set light kit  does not come with batteries and therefore, you need to get three AA batteries separately. Make sure the structure is complete before you start setting up the lights, otherwise you might find the light installation confusing or end up damaging or mixing the small delicate parts.

Light Kit For Harry potters set

The mechanical Hedwig has its wingspan of more than thirteen inches while the measurement from the beak to its tail is above seven inches. It stands on the sturdy base that has the Minifigure of Harry Potter with the miniature Hedwig figure having wings spread out.

The light for Lego Hedwig 75979 will also highlight the Hogwarts letter held in its clutch. The jointed wings can move upwards and downwards gracefully and realistically if you turn the handle located at the backside.

Highlighting The Hedwig 75979 Set With Light Kit

The light kit for Hedwig 75979  is suitable for anyone above six and has a manufacturer warranty of two years. The box contains respective plastic packages wrapped with air-bubble films for avoiding shipping damage.

You will get four random colored Lego plates for easy customization. The universal instruction book with illustrations will help you in step-by-step installation and the user guide will come handy in a future installation.

You should set up the brick separators in advance so that the connecting cables are not harmed while you try to conceal them. Pass one 5cm and one 15cm connecting wires between the stubs smoothly.

The Lego LED light kit comprises two 10cm, five 15cm, and eight 30cm dot LEDs of warm white glow and two 30cm dot LEDs of green glow. The base has red and yellow lights, the letter seal has a red LED, the eyes and base of the wings have green lights while the outer sections of the wingtips have warm white lights.

There are also three 8-port expansion boards, one Adhesive Square, one 30cm power cable for the USB hub, and one battery pack where you have to insert three batteries. Keep the main power <5V to avoid electrical burning.

It is mandatory to test each accessory before using in the final installation. For any missing, damaged or malfunctioning accessory, you can return it in a week and get a replacement.   

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