Make a Delicious Christmas Food With Lighting Holiday Bakery 10216!

With over 600 Lego pieces, the Lego Creator Expert Holiday Bakery 10216 set is a seasonal exclusive set having the vibe of Christmas. 19 high-quality LEDs and handmade accessories from Lightailing and Briksmax will keep the structure from overshadowing regardless of whether it is night or day.

Light Kit For Holiday Bakery 10216

Released as an exclusive seasonal model on 1st October 2011, the Lego Holiday Bakery or Winter Village Bakery 10216 is a vibrant Christmas themed model from the Creator Expert series. With 687 Lego pieces to assemble, this moderately difficult-level set designed by Lami is suitable for anyone above twelve years old. With seven and a half Minifigures including the Horse and Owl figure, there are various decorative accessories, trees, food elements and snow bank with two legs sticking out. Your skill in electrics does not matter when you add the premium lighting kit from Briksmax or Lightailing to brighten up the model especially when it is dark outside or in the room.    

Specialties Of Holiday Bakery 10216 Set

The accessories and LED light for Lego  Bakery 10216 come packed in separate plastic packets with air-bubble sheets to avoid damage. There is no battery and you will have to set up the brick separators for smooth insertion of the cables.

The bakery is seven inches wide while the completed model has a width of sixteen inches, a depth of twelve inches and a height of seven inches. You can easily combine it with the Winter Toy Shop 10199, Winter Village Cottage 10229, Winter Village Market 10235 and Winter Village Post Office 10222.

Light Kit For Holiday Bakery 10216

With the Lego Holiday set lights,you can highlight the decorated evergreen tree, the horse-drawn carriage and the tree seller stand. The frozen pond is made up of blue 8x8 transparent plates highlighted by vibrant lights and the ice skater Minifigures can frolic there.

The accessories include snow pile shoveled freshly, camera and medium blue tiles. The Bakery has several caramel-colored arch and brick elements for the exterior while the interior has accessories like green apple, croissants and tan baguettes.

The baker prepares treats or handles sales at cash register. As the door is pushed, the Lego Power Functions fill up the bakery with warm interior lighting.    

Highlighting Holiday Bakery 10216 With Light Kit

Lights For Holiday Bakery 10216

The light kit for Lego Holiday Bakery 10216  is age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six years old. To avoid damaging or losing any small delicate part of the light kit with the Lego pieces, make sure you finish assembling the model before opening the light kit box.

You will get an after-sales 2-year warranty card, a user guide book for future installation and a universal illustrated instruction manual for step-by-step installation guidance. These will help you prepare the two 12-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares.

Light for Holiday Bakery 10216

The light kit for Lego Christmas themed model comprises one 30cm and three large 15cm warm white LEDs, one warm white light strip, one 30cm and four 15cm ice blue dot lights, one 10cm yellow, four 30cm red and four 30cm green LEDs.

Pass one 15cm and two 30cm connecting wires between the stubs. You can adjust the glow with the flashing module board. Purchase three AA batteries and insert them in the AA battery box. Connect the 30cm power cable to the USB hub and keep the main power below 5V.

Always test the lights and accessories after unboxing and make sure all the items are included. In case of any discrepancy, get a replacement by returning the kit within seven days.   

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