Musical Vibes With Lighting Lego Grand Piano 21323 Set

The Lego Ideas Grand Piano 21323 set with over 3600 Lego pieces comes with realistic and authentic detailing as seen on stage shows that get standing ovation. Briksmax brings the high-quality light kit with 26 premium LEDs to make this app-powered Lego set stand out even when it is dark.

Light Kit For Grand Piano 21323

Taking inspiration from the high-end pianos used by the musicians, the Lego Ideas series has come up with the Grand Piano 21323 set that acts as a miniature model. With 3662 pieces to assemble, this expert-level set is suitable for anyone above eighteen years old so that they can enjoy a hands-on relaxing musical extravaganza whenever they want. What makes this concert-style brick-built piano more sophisticated is the handmade lighting kit from Briksmax that can be installed by even without electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of The Grand Piano 21323 Set

The Lego LED light will highlight the Grand Piano that stands 8.5 inches in height with a depth of 13.5 inches and a width of twelve inches when the lid is closed. This is the first-ever Ideas set that is playable –all you need is to connect it with electric motors of the Powered Up app.

You will get easily comprehensible instructions written in the coffee-table booklet to help you get started with the assembly. It is better to complete assembling the set before adding lights, otherwise small delicate accessories might get damaged or lost.

Lighting Grand Piano 21323

The lights for Lego 21323 work perfectly with the Powered Up app to get the show started with sound and sight. Six AAA batteries are required to power-up the self-playing feature. Get AA batteries for the light kit as the light kit also does not include any battery.

In the Powered Up app, elect Auto Play for watching the notes and listening to any of the four songs and User Play for playing the notes manually or Self Play to pretend to play while a pre-recorded song is being played on the Smartphone.

A collectors’ item, it ensures orchestrated movement with moving pedals, a height-adjustable bench, leg wheels, opening fallboard and an adjustable top lid that can be lifted to reveal an intricate system of strings and hammers.    

Highlighting Grand Piano 21323 With Light Kit

Light For Grand Piano 21323

The light kit for Lego Grand Piano 21323 is suitable for anyone above six and will highlight the soundbox, 25-key removable keyboard, motor and moving dampers. There is an after-sales card with a 2-year warranty while the return-and-replacement policy is valid for seven days from delivery.

The universal instruction book with illustrations will help in step-by-step installation while the user guide will help in further installation. Insert batteries in the battery box, set up two Adhesive Squares and connect the 30cm power cable to the hub.

 Grand Piano 21323

The light kit for Lego  features nine 10cm, two 15cm and four 30cm warm white LEDs, three small warm white light strips and eight solid color RGB light strips. Use brick separators to pass two 15cm and six 1.6cm RGB cables, one 30cm, one 50cm, two 5cm and two 15cm connecting cables.

Prepare one 12-port and two 6-port expansion boards, an RGB receiver board and adjust the brightness with the CR2025 remote control.

Pianists and enthusiasts, as well as those enjoying music and Lego building, can enjoy a precise symphony coming out from pressing the twenty-five keys that are each connected to respective hammer. Test each light accessory before the final installation.

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