Send holiday greetings and gifts in the cozy Winter Village Post Office 10222!

With over 800 pieces, the Lego Creator Expert Winter Village Post Office 10222 will let you enjoy the Christmas extravaganza whenever you want. The premium LEDs and handmade accessories from Lightailing can prevent the structure from overshadowing when the surrounding is dark.

Light Kit For Winter Village Post Office 10222

Released in the same lines of the Lego Winter Village Bakery 10216 set on 1 October of 2011, the Winter Village Post Office 10222 set is part of the exclusive Winter Village seasonal theme. With 822 Lego pieces, this moderately difficult model from the Lego Creator Expert Series is age-appropriate for any enthusiast aged above twelve years. Created by Lami, the vibrant model with Christmas revelry consists of seven Minifigures, light brick, the snow swathed post office, the park bench, a little gazebo and the bright red car rimming with various toys. Regardless of day or night, you can easily set up the high-quality lighting kit of Lightailing even though you do not have electrical skills.    

Highlighting Winter Village Post Office 10222 With Light Kit

Designed for any 6+ years old Lego builder, the light kit for Winter Village Post Office 10222 should be kept away from little kids due to choking hazards. It is recommended to finish building the Lego structure before opening the light kit to avoid confusion of light placement, mixing small accessories with Lego pieces or damaging them.

Light For Winter Village Post Office 10222

The main building stands five inches high with a width of seven inches and a depth of three inches. The entire model can be highlighted by Lego lights when fully assembled –it has a depth of eleven inches and a width of fifteen inches.

The set comes with a dog figure and the Minifigures of a woman, a mailman, two musicians, two kids and a female worker of the post office for endless play opportunities.

 Winter Village Post Office 10222

For lighting Lego evergreen tree, there are yellow, red and warm white LEDs with various accessories for the Minifigures. Before adding lights, you should set up the brick separators to pass the connecting cables easily between the stubs without damage. 

The split roof of the post office has a dark green color scheme and it is laden with snow. The warm white LEDs give a clear view of the interior with a table, fireplace and coffee mug.

Lego Winter Village Post Office 10222

The winter set lights will also brighten up the mailboxes and lamppost outside the Post Office. You will find it easier to prepare the expansion boards and Adhesive Squares with the help of the illustrated installation steps written in the universal language in the instruction manual.

Let the female worker sort mails into the sacks and containers in the cozy ambience while the mailman upstairs enjoys some leisure before getting into the vintage post car containing many gifts and letters.

Lights for lego

Utilize Lego gift ideas  into a creative winter scenario featuring the kids who either sit back on the park bench or throw the snowballs at each other. Across the pavilion, musicians can sing carols.

Keep the user guide book for latter installation and the after-sale card for manufacturer warranty of two years from the delivery date. You should always test before the final installation and keep the main power below 5V.

The light kit accessories and LEDs would not get damaged during shipment as the accessories are packed separately and protected with bubble sheets. Lightailing offers a 7-day return and replacement policy in case of manufacturer faults like broken, missing or defective parts.

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