Open Up a Galaxy Of Impressive Build Experience With Lighting General Grievous's Starfighter 75286

The beginner-level Lego Star Wars General Grievous’s Starfighter 75286 set with over four hundred Lego pieces offers an endless rendition of the saga from different movies. To prevent overshadowing, Lightailing brings you the handmade lighting kit with high-quality lights and accessories that can be set up by layman and skilled in electrics alike.

Light Kit For General Grievous's Starfighter™ 75286

If you prefer the sci-fi genre in movies, you will be well aware of the Star Wars franchise and the Lego Star Wars series was created especially for the fans of this saga. A realistic kid-friendly model from the Star Wars: Episode III –Revenge Of The Sith that was released in the year 2005, the General Grievous’s Starfighter 75286 model with 487 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone above nine years old. You can create your version of events from the movie(s) or depict the battle between Obi-Wan and General Grievous for some inter-space adventure. Make sure you have completed the Lego structure before you open the premium light kit from Lightailing to avoid losing, tampering or mixing up with the Lego pieces.

Highlighting General Grievous’s Starfighter 75286 With Light Kit

Age-appropriate for 6+ years old Lego builders, the light kit for General Grievous’s Starfighter 75286 comes with an illustrated instruction manual that will help you in independent step-by-step assembling with Jedi-level expertise. On unboxing, you will find plastic packets with bubble wraps containing separately packed lights and accessories that do not require any electrical skill to install. 

Easily customizable with the video game named Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the model stands three inches in height, 6.5 inches in width and 11.5 inches in length.

General Grievous's Starfighter™ 75286

With Lego lights, you can highlight the opening cockpit for General Grievous Minifigure, retractable landing gear and two spring-loaded shooters.

For endless role-playing, there are three Minifigures of General Grievous, the Airborne Clone Trooper holding a blaster and Obi-Wan Kenobi holding a lightsaber.

Just like the Lego set, the light kit contains a universal instruction manual that has illustrations with each installation step and a user guide book that will help in the further installation steps.

Light Kit For 75286

The warm white LED light for Lego will highlight the Minifigure cockpit and the front and rear ends of the two Spring-loaded shooters. The tips of the two shooters have red LEDs.

Before starting with the light installation, you should prepare the brick separators that can help in passing the connecting cables smoothly. While inserting the cables between the stubs, you need to make sure those are properly concealed from the exterior look.   

Light Kit For General Grievous's Starfighter™ 75286

The light kit does not contain any battery but as the AA battery box required three batteries, you should purchase those separately. The Starwar set light kit also contains expansion boards and adhesive squares that can be set up with the help of the instruction manual.Connect the power cable measuring 30cm with the USB hub and while turning on the main power keep it below 5V so that there is no risk of electrical burns.  

Do not rush into the final installation without testing each accessory and make sure that all the accessories are included in the kit. In case any part malfunctions or is broken, you can return it in 7 days and get a replacement. The after-sales card will ensure a manufacturer warranty of two years.

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