Endless Space Adventures with Lego Space Rover Explorer 31107

The kid-friendly Lego Creator 3-in-1 Space Rover Explorer 31107 set with over five hundred Lego pieces will ensure endless adventure while the kids garner their imagination. There are seven premium LED lights and handmade accessories in the lighting kit from Briksmax to make your structure stand out even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Space Rover Explorer 31107

There are numerous possibilities to enhance the creativity and skill in Lego building with the models from the Lego Creator series. The Space Rover Explorer 31107 set with 510 Lego pieces is age-appropriate for anyone above eight years old with an interest in space and astronomy. Being a three-in-one model, it can be transformed into the space flyer or the space base and for ease of assembly, you can check out the instruction manual with easy-to-follow steps. No matter whether it is day or night, the room lights are turned on or off, the high-quality light kit from Briksmax will make sure that the structure is never overshadowed.

Specialties Of Space Rover Explorer 31107 Set

The Lego lights and accessories are small and delicate enough to get mixed up with the Lego pieces if you open the light kit before finishing the Lego structure. To avoid damage and losing any part, finish assembling the set, set up brick separators for easy insertion of wires and purchase three AA batteries as the light kit does not contain any.

Lights  For Space Rover Explorer 31107

The Space Rover set stands six inches in height with a length of seven inches and a width of four inches. You can enjoy solo playing or go multiplayer mode while disassembling and reassembling the model into the space flyer or space base.

With the Lego set light, you can give a realistic appearance to the cockpit of the rover toy, the laboratory, the living space and the functioning crane arm with suspension. The set comes with the astronaut Minifigure, a small robot figure with movable arms and a buildable Alien figure.

Highlighting The Space Rover Explorer 31107 With Lighting Kit   

 Space Rover Explorer 31107

The light kit for Lego Space Rover Explorer 31107  is suitable for any enthusiast above six years old and comes with a warranty of two years. The box contains lights and accessories packed separately in plastic packets, which are protected from handling damage with air-bubble sheets.

Customize with the four random colored Lego plates and keep the after-sales card safely. The illustrated universal instruction book will help you with each installation step while the user guide will help you in the latter installation.

While passing the two 5cm connecting cables and one 15cm connecting cable between the stubs, make sure they are smoothly passed and concealed from the outer look.

Light Kit For Space Rover Explorer 31107

The Legos LED light  kit contains two warm white 10cm LEDs, three ice blue 10cm dot lights and two small light strips of warm white glow. To power up the lights, insert batteries ion the AA battery box and connect the USB cable measuring 30cm with the USB hub.

Set up two expansion boards with 6 ports each and two Adhesive Squares. Make sure that the main power is below 5V to prevent electric burns.

Check whether all accessories are included and test them properly to check whether those work properly and are not broken. If you notice any issue, the return-and-replacement window is open for seven days from the delivery date.  

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