How To Build Lighting Holiday Series Lego Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229?

The vibrant Lego Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229 set with nearly 1500 Lego pieces and eight Minifigures can be a perfect addition to the winter series. Lightailing light kit with handmade light accessories and premium LEDs will never let the structure be overshadowed even when it is dark outside or the room lights are switched off.

Light Kit For Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

The models from the Christmas and winter series of the Lego Creator Expert segment always bring a cheery vibrant vibe among Lego builders and onlookers. The Winter Village Cottage 10229 set with 1490 Lego pieces is one such model suitable for any enthusiast above twelve years old. Those who spend the winter vacations in any holiday home will find perfect resemblance with this model that can be lightened up even though you have no prior electrical knowledge. The high-quality lighting kit of Lightailing is there to brighten up your Lego model regardless of the surrounding light condition.

Highlighting Winter Village Cottage 10229 With Light Kit 

The light kit for Lego Winter Village Cottage 10229  is designed for any Lego builder who is over six years old. Inside the hardcover light kit box, you will find lights and accessories packed separately in plastic packets, which are then wrapped with bubble films as protection from shipping damage.

You should always finish building the Lego structure before starting with the light kit as light installation can be confusing in an unfinished model. Also, as the light kit accessories are delicate, they are prone to damage and being small, they can get mixed up or lost among the Lego pieces.

 Winter Village Cottage 10229

The Lego Christmas lighting  will highlight the cozy cottage that stands 6.7 inches in height, 5.5 inches in depth and 9.8 inches in width. It comes with owl and kitten figurines, Lego light brick feature for the fireplace, Christmas tree, chandelier, armchair, gifts, wreath, bed and kitchen appliances.

There are eight Minifigures of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, snowplow driver and three children for endless role-playing. Grandfather can be seated by the fireplace with his newspaper while the father can help putting up the Christmas tree and the mother can bake in the kitchen.

Lights For Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

With Lego lighting, you can highlight the glowing fireplace, sled with firewood, decorated cottage, streetlamp, firewood elements and tools in the storage shed and fireplace in the igloo with a removable roof. The igloo has height, width and depth each 2.7 inches while the storage shed has depth and width 2.7 inches respectively and a height of 4.3 inches.   

The snowplow has a height of 2.7 inches, a length of seven inches with an attached plow and a width of 2.3 inches. The driver Minifigure can drive the snowplow in heavy snowfall to clear the deep snow on the road while the father Minifigure can cut wood from the deep forest with a chainsaw.  

Light Kit For Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

Light up Lego with warm white LEDs for the cottage roof, igloo and storage shed and blue LEDs for the headlights of snowplow and cottage entrance. You can combine it with Winter Village Bakery 10216 and/or Winter Village Post Office 10222.

Pass the connecting cables between the stubs to avoid damage while concealing. Set up battery pack with three AA batteries and USB hub with 30cm power cable. Prepare the Adhesive Squares and Expansion board with the help of universal illustrated manual.

If you find any broken, missing or malfunctioning part in the light kit while testing or within seven days from the delivery date, return it so that a replacement can be issued for you.

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