Create the Famous Firehouse Headquarters 75827 With Lighting Effect From The Ghostbuster!

With over four thousand Lego pieces, the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters 75827 is an expert-level model offering endless role-playing inspired from the movies. 31 high-quality LEDs and handmade accessories from Briksmax will make your structure the center of attraction even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Firehouse Headquarters 75827

The cult classic movie series of Ghostbusters from 1984 and 1989, as well as the modern rendition from 2016, are exciting to any horror and thriller movie enthusiasts. With 4634 Lego pieces, the Firehouse Headquarters 75827 set from the Lego Ghostbusters series resembles the familiar office of Venkman, Spengler and Stanz. Anyone above sixteen years old can assemble this three-storied model to recreate various scenes from the movies. You can install the premium lighting kit from Briksmax easily even without having any electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of Firehouse Headquarters 75827 Set

The Lego Ghostbusters set light kit comes without any battery and the light accessories are delicate enough to get damaged if you are careless. The small parts can cause choking hazards and often get mixed up with Lego pieces if you open the light kit before assembling the model.

There are nine Minifigures of Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Raymond Stanz, Winston Zeddemore, Dana Barrett, Janine Melnitz, Library Ghost as seen in the first movie, Zombie Driver and Louis Tully, each having decorated arms. Besides, Blue Ghost, Pink Ghost and Slimer can be chased to capture in containment or suspended around the building exterior using transparent arms.

Lego light kit

The building stands fourteen inches in height with a depth of fourteen inches and a width of nine inches. On opening the walls, it has a width of eighteen inches. The Lego light kit  will highlight the laboratory, darkroom, office area, containment unit, sleeping quarters, garbage bay, recreation room, bathroom and kitchen.

The Lego Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 can be driven into garbage bay by opening the walls for more exciting supernatural action. The fire pole can be used by Ghostbusters, mainly Venkman to slide down for loading the proton packs that capture ghosts.

There are accessories like fire extinguisher, alarm bell, phone, computer, toolbox with tools, magnifying glass, slime jars, camera with rolls, toaster with slime, arcade game and a fridge containing cheese, milk and frozen pizza.

Highlighting Firehouse Headquarters 75827 With Light Kit

Lego Firehouse Headquarters 75827

The light kit for Firehouse Headquarters 75827 comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty with the after-sales card. You should test each light accessory before the final installation.

The three universal instruction manuals will help you in each installation step with proper illustrations, while the user guide will keep you covered in future installation. Learn about how to set up one 8-port and eight 6-port expansion boards, one receiver board and four Adhesive Squares.

Firehouse Headquarters 75827

The lights for Lego  Firehouse Headquarters include two standard and four small warm white light strips, four white light strips, one large 30cm and five large 15cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm white LEDs, one ice-blue 30cm dot light, three 30cm green, one 15cm and four 30cm red, one 10cm and one 30cm yellow and two 30cm pink LEDs.

Pass three 5cm, three 15cm, eight 30cm and six 50cm connecting wires between the stubs smoothly. Insert batteries in the AA battery pack and prepare the 30cm USB cable, CR2035 remote control and one flashing module for light adjustment.

Available for pre-order on 20th September, the light kit box contains plastic packets wrapped with bubble films to keep the lights and accessories safe from damage. In case of missing or defective pieces, you can opt for return and replacement.   

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