A Stunning Lego NINJAGO Empire Temple of Madness 71712

With more than 800 Lego pieces, the Lego NINJAGO Empire Temple of Madness 71712 set is a challenging and rewarding set offering endless role-playing and story creation opportunities where the Ninja heroes fight against the dark and evil force. Briksmax offers a top-notch lighting effect with the premium light kit consisting of 26 high-quality LEDs.

Ten seasons and 160 episodes later, the computer-animated Danish-Canadian TV series Ninjago gives a new outlook to the Lego world, especially with the introduction of Spinjitzu weapons. From the Ninja trainer Sensei Wu to his four warriors, especially Kai trying to find his sister, the craze for these characters will get a new momentum with the Empire Temple of Madness 71712 set from Lego Ninjago series. Consisting of only 810 Lego pieces, the model is age-appropriate for any Lego enthusiast aged above nine years. Once you have plotted your way to the top of the temple for imaginative end-game battles, start with the high-quality lighting kit from Briksmax to brighten up the set.

Specialties Of Empire Temple of Madness 71712 Set

The LED light kit  is suitable for anyone with or without electrical skills and before setting up, you should buy the batteries separately and prepare the brick separators for comfortable insertion of connecting wires.

In January this year, this temple set has been launched with a height of fifteen inches, a width of eleven inches and a length of eight inches.

There are six Ninjago Minifigures including Lloyd, Digi Cole, Digi Jay and the antagonist's Sushimi, Red Visor and the evil ruler Unagami of the Prime Empire.

The Lego lights will highlight the thrilling features and traps which the Ninja warriors have to avoid along with the terrible Sushimi in the sushi kitchen. They have to utilize the three Key-Tanas to open the temple gate and reveal the throne of Unagami at the top.

Highlighting Empire Temple of Madness 71712 With Light Kit

Anyone above six years old can install the lights but you should keep an eye at kids as the small delicate parts can cause choking hazards. The accessories and lights for Empire Temple of Madness 71712  are to be tested properly to make sure no complication arises after the final installation.

There are three Lego pieces of random color that you can use for customization. For ease of light installation, there is a universal instruction book with detailed steps and illustrations. The user guide book will help in further installations and the after-sale card will cover a manufacturer warranty of two years from the delivery date. 

One 30cm and three 5cm connecting cables are to be passed between the stubs so that they do not ruin the outer look or get damaged. Light up Lego sets  with two blue 30cm LEDs, one blue light strip, two small 30cm and one standard 30cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm and eight 30cm white LEDs, five 15cm and five 30cm yellow LEDs.

The flashing module board will help you adjust the glow. Insert 3 batteries in the AA battery holder, set up one 8-port and two 12-port expansion boards, and connect the 30cm power cord to the USB hub.

The light kit box comes with separate plastic packets containing lights and accessories which are protected by bubble sheets. While testing if you find any defect or missing part, you will get a replacement on returning the kit within a week.

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