Action-Packed Playtime Adventures with Lighting Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009

With over 800 Lego pieces and five Minifigures, the Lego Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009 set takes you to a down memory lane ride through the folklores of China. Briksmax makes way for a brightened up Lego model at night with 18 premium LED lights and handmade accessories that can be installed by layman and expert in electrics alike.

The legends of Chinese traditional heroes have been represented through various movies and novels like The Monkey King, the Journey to the West and even the upcoming Lego Monkie Kid. The Lego-inspired animated television series in association with Lego has launched the Monkie Kid merchandise and Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009 set is one fine example from this category. With 832 Lego pieces, this beginner to moderate level Lego structure is age-appropriate for anyone above eight years old. Any enthusiast above six years old can try out installing the high-quality Briksmax light kit to keep the set highlighted instead of overshadowed.     

Trivia Of Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009 Set

The lights for Lego  and the accessories come packed separately in plastic bags, which are kept safe inside the hardcover box with bubble films. The delicate parts are prone to get damaged, lost or mixed up if you handle them with Lego pieces from the unfinished structure and can even cause choking hazards among kids. So, it is recommended to finish the Lego structure first.

Unlimited adventures await with the motorbikes of Bull Clones, the Food Truck and the five collectible Minifigures namely Pigsy and Monkie Kid in civilian attire, Uncle Qiao, Grunt with stud shooter and Snort with the axe.

The Lego lights will highlight the food truck that stands six inches high with a length of nine inches and a width of five inches along with two buildable motorbikes of Bull Clones for stealing food items.

For easy assembling the set, you can install the Lego Life and Instructions Plus apps on the mobile device. With interactive guide and different tools for rotating, zooming and previewing, digital play can be combined with physical play.

The Lego light kits will highlight the wacky and detailed Food Truck with various hidden weapons like Pigsy’s rake, 6-stud rapid shooter, opening sides to access the kitchen with the command center on one side and the disguised weapon rack as a refrigerator on another side and the spiked fender on front.

Highlighting Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009 With Light Kit

As lights for Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009  excludes any battery, you should buy three AA batteries in advance. Also, keep the brick separators ready so that the cables can be inserted safely to hide them from the exterior.

The universal illustrated instruction manual helps in step-by-step setup, the user guide offers further installation help and the after-sale card comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

Light up Lego set  with one large 15cm, five 30cm and two 15cm warm white LEDs, two white strip lights and two 15cm white LEDs, two 15cm red LEDs and four 15m yellow LEDs.

Pass one 5cm, one 30cm, and two 15cm connecting wires between stubs and connect the 30cm power cable to the hub. Set up three 8-port expansion boards, AA battery pack, and an Adhesive Square.

Reimagining the valuable cultural tales from the classical literature and movies, the set garners resilience and courage in the kids. Test each accessory before the final setup and if you find any accessory missing, broken or defective, send it back within a week from the delivery date to get a replacement.

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