Incredibly Awesome 70829 Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy!

With over 500 Lego pieces, the Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy 70829 set lets you recreate the various animated scenes from the movie. There are eleven high-quality LED lights and handmade accessories from Briksmax to make this set highlighted even when the room lights are turned off or when it is dark outside.

 Any animated movie enthusiast, especially those who have an interest in Lego building, The Lego Movie series is a common name on their movie list. A rendition from The Lego Movie 2, the Lego Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy 70829 set with 550 pieces including the three Minifigures and buildable figures make way for endless customization while recreating the scenes from the movie. Suitable for anyone aged above eight years, this beginner-level model gets a new look with the premium Briksmax lighting kit. Especially at night, the set never gets overshadowed, and to add the lights, you do not even have to learn electrics.  

Highlighting Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy 70829 With Light Kit

To keep the Lego movie light kit safe from tampering, mingling with Lego pieces or losing them, finish building the model first. The light kit is designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts and do not come with any batteries –that being said, keep out from children to prevent a choking hazard and get three AA batteries beforehand.

Building the Lego set is easier for small kids if you incorporate the mobile app Instruction Plus that comes with assembling guidelines in a user-friendly interface. The same goes for the lighting kit as you get a universal instruction manual that has installation steps described properly with illustrations.

The Lego set lights  and accessories are packed separately in plastic bags, which are then wrapped with air-bubble sheets to prevent handling damage inside the box. On opening the light kit, check each accessory properly to make sure all are included and in proper shape.

In January 2019, the three Minifigures of Lucy, Emmet, and Shakira were added along with the three brick-built characters namely Heart, Star, and MetalBeard with his internal organs. Add crowbar in Sharkira’s hand and give crossbow, quiver, and the ‘stop’ signage to Lucy.

The Lego lights include two strip lights and one 15cm LED of warm white glow along with four slow flashing 15cm LEDs and four 15cm LEDs of red glow. Six random colored Lego bricks are also given for assembling in the model. The lights will highlight the two seats for Emmet and Lucy, the opening hood, opening doors, removable roof, foldout non-shooting arrow gun, suspension and large wheels with tires made of rubber.

There is a buildable base measuring two inches deep, one inch wide and three inches high, that has exploding feature, the gas canister emitting translucent flame, container, and fuel tanks. The light kit for Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy 70829  comes with a 12-port expansion board, a 30cm USB cable, and an Adhesive Square that you can set up with the help of a user guide.

Brick separators should be arranged in advance so that connecting wires can be passed between the stubs easily. Keep the after-sale card safely as a guarantee of two years.

The five inches high, five inches wide and eight inches long escape buggy set can be combined with Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy 70827 for creating The Ultra Escape Buggy. Test each light accessory before using and keep the main power below 5V.    

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