A True Icon Of Classic Automotive Design Model Fiat 500 10271 Set

The Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 with over 900 Lego pieces brings back the vintage Italian flair with a modern twist in this exclusive car replica. Briksmax offers handmade and top-quality lighting kits including nine LED lights to keep the car highlighted when the surrounding gets dark.

In association with Fiat Nuova 500, the Lego Creator Expert series encourages all automobile enthusiasts in enjoying the ‘the sweet life’ or ‘La Dolce Vita’ in Italian. Any Lego builder aged above sixteen years can assemble the 960 pieces of Fiat 500 10271 set that speaks on behalf of the Italian vintage style. Full of nostalgia, the model brings pure enjoyment while you discover your creative side. When night comes and the room lights are doused, plug into the main power and watch the Lego car never losing its limelight with the premium Briksmax lighting kit.

Special Features To Light Up In Fiat 500 10271 Set      

The light kit for Fiat 500 10271 set  comes packed in the sturdy Briksmax box and inside it, you will find several plastic packets protected from handling damage with air-bubble films. On assembling the set completely, set up the brick separators and get batteries for the light kit.

Depicting the iconic yellow car from the 1960s, the set features all the authentic details in bricks such as the suitcase for the luggage rack, opening roof, tailgate, hood, doors and a detailed interior with handbrake, reclining front seats and gear lever.

You will get the perfect Roman vibe with the classic car by including the foldable easel holding the small painting with palette and paintbrush. With Lego light kit, the picture featuring the car with the famous landmark of the Colosseum will get highlighted.   

A rear-mounted engine with the air-cooled feature is visible on opening the rear hatch while the spare type is inside the front hood for emergencies while traversing through cobblestone streets.

The roof can be rolled back for enjoying the sunny countryside vistas of the Tuscany while the suitcase adorned with Positano postcards is attached to the back for a journey to the Amalfi coast.   

Brightening Up Fiat 500 10271 With Light Kit

The light kit for 10271 set  is devoid of any AA batteries and it comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year. Test the accessories for ensuring that there is no malfunctioning or defective part.

Keep the after-sale card and the user guides safely as the former comes handy in servicing and the latter is for help in latter light installation. The instructions written in the universal language with illustrations will make sure any 6+ years old can install the kit, with or without electrical knowledge.

Use the two random colored Lego pieces anywhere in the structure for customization and light up Lego  with one large 30cm and two 15cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm white, two 30cm red and two 30cm yellow LEDs.

Prepare the Adhesive Square, 12-port expansion board, CR2032 Oval battery box and the USB hub with 30cm cable. Pass the wires comfortably through the stubs.

Just like Michelangelo’s art, you can let your imagination flow as you build the Fiat 500 and customize it with LED lights. For any manufacturing faults, you can replace the light kit within a week.  



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