A Thrilling Avengers SuperHero's mission With Thor's Weapon Quest 76102

Help Thor, Groot, and Rocket in the inter-galactic quest with the Lego Marvel Thor’s Weapon Quest 76102 made up of over 200 pieces. With the handmade LEDs and premium lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax, this kid-friendly model gets vibrancy even at night.

Every fan of Marvel Cinematic World is well-acquainted with the Thor –God of Thunder and his friends, the quirky Rocket raccoon, and the adorable Groot. Just as you have seen them teaming up in the Infinity War of the Avengers Phase III film franchise, the Lego Marvel Super Heroes series celebrates their camaraderie and space adventures with Thor’s Weapon Quest 76102 set. This beginner model comprising of only 223 pieces is designed for kids aged between six and twelve years although it is a well-known fact that any adult fan would also love to recreate scenes from the comics or movies. No Marvel movie is complete without the VFX and light effects –similarly, your Lego structure will seem incomplete and overshadowed without the light kit from Briksmax or Lightailing.

Specialties Of Thor's Weapon Quest 76102 Set

Before you open up the box containing a light kit for Avengers sets, make sure you are all set with the Lego structure, got the three required batteries for the AA battery box of the light kit, and kept the brick separators properly to insert the wires smoothly.

The Escape Pod is two inches in height, four inches in width and five inches in length. It comes with the opening cockpit to hold the teenage version of Groot (added in March 2018), Rocket and Thor Minifigures, two stud shooters, and the detachable roof.

The rear and front windshields of the cockpit can be opened and lifted off to enter the Minifigures. There is the signature gun for Rocket and vine arm feature for Groot along with ten translucent blue assorted Power Bursts.   

The Space Station is one inch in height, three inches in depth, and two inches in width. It comes with the cosmic power source, weapon revealing feature, Infinity Stone Gauntlet, stand, and two energy coils.

Highlighting Thor's Weapon Quest 76102 With Lighting Kit

The light kits for Thor's Weapon Quest 76102  are suitable for anyone above six years old and can be installed by an electrical expert and layman alike. The set can be combined with the Thanos: Ultimate Battle 76107 set’s The Guardian’s Ship.

You should adhere to every step and illustration mentioned in the universal instruction manual to set up the light kit easily. For latter assistance, you will find the user guide helpful.

Insert batteries inside the AA battery box and set up the USB hub by connecting the power cable having 30cm length. Light up 76102  with one slow flashing 15cm white light, ten white 15cm LEDs and one warm white 15cm LED.

Prepare the Adhesive Square along with one 8-port and two 6-port expansion boards. There are two connecting cables measuring 15cm each –make sure you do not force them between the stubs.

The After-sale card bears a guarantee of one year and the replacement window is eligible for a week from the purchase date.

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