Featuring a Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 lighting set

Let your kids assemble over 300 Lego pieces in creating the Lego City Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 with two Minifigures. Briksmax, as well as Lightailing makes way for a highlighted model with the handmade lighting accessories and bright LEDs of premium quality.

Kids love to create their own version of the city and the Lego City series aims to bring out the creative side in your kids or let you reminisce your childhood days. With 310 Lego pieces, the Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 model is age-appropriate for kids in the age group of five to twelve years while adults can enjoy a great leisure-time activity while building the Lego structure. Featuring the heavy-duty truck with a helicopter and an added flatbed trailer truck, the set brings two Minifigures of the helicopter pilot and the truck driver. On assembling the model, add the lights and set up the accessories from Lightailing and Briksmax to make sure the model is always brightened up.

Specialties Of Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Set

The light kit  is to be installed only when the structure is complete and you have set up the brick separators for easy insertion of the cables. The box package contains plastic packets with individual light accessories protected by air-bubble sheets.

The heavy truck stands three inches tall with two inches width and five inches length. It has an opening cab, bull bars, toolbox and exhaust pipes.

The flatbed trailer truck can be extended and detached or connected to the heavy truck for hauling the helicopter for the next job. It stands one inch tall, one inch wide and ten inches long.

With Lego set lights  you can highlight the eight inches long, one inch wide and three inches high helicopter that features an opening cockpit, a chain and spinning rotors.

There are accessories like a wrench, box, mug, walkie-talkie, shovel, oil barrel and fire extinguisher. By spinning the rotors, the helicopter can be launched off from the flatbed trailer. By dropping the chain and hooking it to the barrel, it can be carried to the worksite with the helicopter.

Brightening The Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 With Light Kit

The light kit for Cargo Transport set  requires three AA batteries for the battery box. Test both the lights and the accessories, make sure all the items are included in the box and all of them work properly.

For customization, you will get two Trans Clear 1x1 Round Plates, four 1x1x2/3 Roof Tiles and five Trans Red 1x1 Round Plates. The user guide will be helpful in the latter installation and for step-by-step guidance with illustration, refer to the universal instruction book.

Without affecting the outer look, the 30cm connecting wire is to be passed between the stubs carefully. Light up set 60183  with one slow flashing 30cm red and four slow flashing 15cm white lights, two 15cm white LEDs, two warm white 15cm LEDs and four red 15cm LEDs.

You will also need to prepare the six and twelve port expansion boards along with the Adhesive Square and AA battery holder. Keep the main power below 5V and connect the USB hub with it –connect the 30cm power cable with it.

Within a week of purchase, you can replace any item with quality problems and get a replaced item. However, if you need further assistance in a year, make use of the after-sale card.

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