Ready To Rescue Friends With Lighting Care Truck 41348

The Lego Friends Service & Care Truck 41348 is a kid-friendly beginner model including over 200 pieces and Mini-doll of Olivia, robot, and hamster. Both Briksmax and Lightailing bring you the handmade lighting accessories and six sufficiently bright LED lights of premium quality to keep this vibrant model highlighted.

 If you are young at heart not to feel shy about watching the animated television series named Friends of Heartlake City, the Service & Care Truck 41348 model will be the icing on the cake. Made up of only 247 Lego pieces, this set from the Lego Friends series is designed for kids aged between six and twelve years although the adults can take a down memory lane ride with their kids who have watched the series. The action unfolds with the mini-doll of Olivia with her crash helmet and racing outfit, the robot named Zobo, and the hamster named Ruble. With Lightailing and Briksmax lighting kits, the go-kart and the Service and Care Truck will not be overshadowed under low light conditions and in darkness.

What Makes Service & Care Truck 41348 Set So Special   

With the Lego Friends set light kit, you can highlight the Service & Care Truck 41348 even though you have no knowledge in electrics. You can combine this model with other Friends models like Creative Tuning Shop 41351, Drifting Diner 41349 and The Big Race Day 41352 for an extensive look.

With three inches height, seven inches length, and one-inch width, the Service & Care Truck comes with the tow truck featuring the workshop area with tools and accessories like wrench and hammer.

There is Olivia’s one inch high, two inches long and one-inch wide go-kart with its launcher. By lowering the tipping ramp, Olivia can use rope and the winching function pull and load the Tow truck with a go-kart.

Transport the go-kart to the workshop area, use its lifting feature to raise the cart upward and check underneath. Then, hit the launcher button to help Olivia zoom away in the go-kart.

Highlighting Service & Care Truck 41348 With Light Kit    

The light kit for Care Truck 41348  only comprises of the battery pack and you have to buy three AA batteries separately in advance. Also, the brick separators need to be arranged to pass the connecting cables without forcing.

In case you or your little one has lost any Lego piece from the structure, you can make use of the random colored Lego piece from the light kit, which is given for customization.

While the step-by-step universal instruction book helps in light kit installation with illustrations, the user guide helps in the latter installation. The after-sale card bears a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The Lego set lights  include one slow-flashing 15cm red and one 15cm white lights, one warm white 15cm LED and two white 15cm LEDs. Insert the connecting wires between the stubs.

Prepare the USB hub with the power cable measuring 30cm. set up the battery pack, Adhesive Square and the 6-port expansion board.

Make sure the main power does not reach 5V, otherwise there is a risk of electrical burn. Test each light accessory before using and if you notice any tampering or malfunctioning, return the package in a week to get a replacement.      






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