Adding Light Kit In Lego Mini Cooper Is Enhancing Your Artwork

If vintage automobiles interest you or your kids incline towards sturdy cars, the Mini Cooper can be quite the awesome treat to eyes. If your kids are over 16 years of age but are not of legal age of driving, let them enjoy with their extraordinary Lego car in which they can also install lights for making things real. The Lego light kit does not discriminate between ages, and hence, it can be your great opportunity to try your hands on creating this suave automobile body no matter how many years of adulthood you have crossed. However, before you check out the lighting kits, take a look at what the structure comes up with.

light kit for Lego Mini Cooper

The Lego Mini Cooper 10242 –Full of Nostalgia

Spending millions in a real Mini Cooper is not possible for many, but assembling 1077 Lego pieces and using Lego technic light kit in lightening up the structure is possible as well as affordable.

  • This miniature version of the MINI Mark VII car bears the authentic details in its classic white and green body.
  • The highlighting parts of the structure are racing stripes, whitish wing mirrors, detailed engine, a spare compartment for tire, dynamic fog lights and the trunk, hood, and doors that can be opened and closed as per wish.

light kit for Mini Cooper

  • The roof can be removed to show a view of the tan interior having patterned seats, handbrake, movable gearshift, veneer styled dashboard and a steering wheel that can take turns.
  • This 4 inches high, 5 inches wide and 9 inches long car also comes with a blanket and picnic basket to offer a picnic theme.
  • Just like the light kit for Lego Mini Cooper, the building toys are also compatible with construction sets from Lego.

Why Do You Need Lighting Kit for Lego Mini Cooper?

From the six front lights to the rear lights and the interior lights of the Mini Cooper structure, the customizable lighting kits enhance the overall look of the car while ensuring that the Lego structure stands out even when it is dark.

  • The light kit is equipped with a few custom bricks to be used alongside the bricks from the Lego set, and you will get LED lights and compatible wires to be installed within the structure.
  • Although AA batteries are to be bought separately, you will get the battery pack to connect with the main power through the USB hub.

Light Kit For Mini Cooper 10242

  • Make sure that you use the light kit for Mini Cooper only after finishing the structure so that passing the wires through the bricks without ruining the look or tampering the wires is possible.
  • The universal user guide books state the complete installation manual in proper steps, and as the kit is designed to plug and play, it doesn’t matter whether you know electrical tasks or not.   

If you want to take a tour down the memory lane, the Mini Cooper from the Lego Creator series will treat you excellently by letting you build one of the most celebrated cars from the bygone age. Just as there is no age limit in creating any artwork, in Lego structures, there is no limit in experimenting with your creativity with LED lights.


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