Light Up The Most Famous Monumental Of The French Revolutionary And Napoleonic Wars: Arc De Triomphe

Any political history enthusiast would be well acquainted with the Triumphal Arch of the Star or Arc de Triomphe in Paris. This French architectural digest by the Place Charles de Gaulle stands as a memorial to the vigorous soldiers and martyrs from France during the Napoleonic wars and the French Revolutionary battles. If you have visited this structure, the inscribed names of the victories as well as generals to the interior and exterior surfaces will be something that invoked your senses.

For any Lego fan, giving this legendary structure a realistic miniature look with Lego bricks would be nothing short of a challenge filled with excitement, and when it comes to using the light kit for highlighting the structure, the magic is sure to happen. Lightailing brings you the exciting lighting kits which are easily customizable and offers an easy installation.   

What to expect from the Lego Arc de Triomphe Set?

With 386 Lego pieces, the Arc de Triomphe 21036 is suitable for anyone over 12 years of age. To create a realistic impression of the structure, there are pillars adorned with statues, sculptural reliefs, and the sharp curves, contours, and lines are highlighted with subtle colors.

Light Kit For Arc De Triomphe 21036

  • The Tomb of the soldier from World War is depicted through the golden plate at the bottom of the structure where you will find the nameplate stating “Arc de Triomphe.” The central piece is the eternal flame that can be highlighted with the Lego technic light kit.
  • The whole structure has a height of 4 inches, the width of 5 inches and a depth of 3 inches. You can construct the set being as creative as you want as the building toys will be compatible with every set.
  • You will get an informative booklet in English and French language stating the history and architecture of the original Arc de Triomphe and details about how you can execute the design.

Why Lighting Kits are Special for Lego sets?

Designed especially for the Lego Arc de Triomphe light kit offers a warm yellowish tint to the whitish structure, especially to the eternal flame so that it never loses its charm no matter whether it is daytime or night.

Light Kit For Arc De Triomphe

  • The set comes with customizable LED lights, compatible LED wires, and some custom Lego bricks for the structure through the bricks will not be enough and you need to purchase the Lego bricks set.
  • You need to purchase AA batteries to keep the lights recharged while the Lego technic Light kit is equipped with a battery pack.

Arc De Triomphe 21036

  • Once you have successfully attached the lights with the wires, you need to run them through the bricks in a way they never seem apparent as to mar the original look or get trampled under the bricks to get tampered. The wires are then connected to a USB hub that is already connected to the main power for lighting. 
  • You will also get the universal instruction manual and user guide book where the installation process is described in steps so that even those devoid of any electrical knowledge, find no difficulty in setting up the lights.

Bringing history to life is possible with the lighting kit from Lightailing and with its easy installation; anyone can enjoy lightening up the Arc de Triomphe.

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