Light kit for the Magical World of Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Growing up with Harry Potter is perhaps one of the best childhood experiences you would have and thanks to the magical world of Harry Potter, you believe that magic lies in even the simplest of things. From the Kingscross Station to the invisible cloak, from the Whomping Willow to the Golden Snitch –there are some of the particular examples of the magic that you would be acquainted with if you are familiar with Harry Potter books or movies. Just as any ‘Pottermore’ sketch artist would always love to create pictures from different scenes of Harry Potter, for a Lego enthusiast, the same pleasure lies in adding light kit for Lego set of any Harry Potter scene.

Light Kit For Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953

What Is Special About the Lighting Kit For Whomping Willow?

As the most actions in Harry Potter take place at night including the Whomping Willow scene with Ford Anglia Car in Chambers Of Secrets, it will be interesting to add light kit for Lego architecture and make the Lego structure look realistic even when the room lights are off. With a plug and play design, even your kids can attach the lights and wires through the structure under your guidance.

  • The lighting kit can be easily customized with the LED lights and wires and some custom bricks.
  • Get the AA batteries for the Battery Pack and connect with the USB hub to lighten up the structure from the main power source.
  • The universal instruction manual will be there to guide you through the installation and make sure you add the lights only after assembling the entire structure and pass the lights safely between the Lego pieces to avoid tampering. 
  • LED Light  For Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953  

What Can You Expect From The Whomping Willow Set?

Featuring a part of Hogwarts Castle with a Dormitory, Snape’s Office, Owlery and Potion’s Classroom, the Whomping Willow 75953 set with 753 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone aged between 8 to 14 years although even for an adult ‘Pottermore’, it is never less fun to add light kit for Lego architecture of Whomping Willow after successful assemble.

Light Kit For Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953 set

  • You will get six mini figures for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Filch and Finnigan along with the owl figure of Hegwig. The Lego kit also offers accessory elements like two suitcases, five wands for five mini figures, cauldrons, lantern, candles, magic spell sheet with Daily Prophet, tables, tools, chairs, broom, quill and two inkpots. You will be able to recreate scenes like mixing potions at Snape’s classroom or patrolling ramparts with Filch holding lantern.
  • With spinning branches and Shrieking Shack entrance, 18cmx20cm Whoming Willow structure will be lighted with the11cmx6cm Ford Anglia Car as it swoops into it and then is thrown by the car to let Harry and Ron drive away to castle. The car can be lighted on the front, and rear sides, as well as interior and it, features opening trunk, suitcases, and two opening doors.  
  • The extensive light kit for Lego set is offered for the 27cmx35cm Hogwarts Castle with three levels featuring parapet walk, gate, dormitory having two beds, three turrets, Snape’s Office and Potion’s Classroom having a worktable. The corridor and potion’s classroom, as well as netted windows of the rooms, are well lit by the warm yellow LED lights. The exterior walls also have lamps lit up by the LEDs.

Lightailing lets you recreate the infamous scene from Chamber Of Secrets where Harry and Ron inside the Flying Car crash straight into the murderous Whomping Willow and somehow escapes only to be caught red-handed by Argus Filch and rebuked by ever-so-strict Severus Snape.  


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