Best Lighting Kit for Your Child's Lego Creativity

What can be a more enjoyable plaything to your kid than the Lego building sets which are not only fun but also intelligent accessories to develop the young minds? From Santa Claus to Harry Potter, Star Wars to Simpsons, and Disney Castle to Volkswagen T1 Van –the interests among kids vary, and it also assures that each kid has his or her own choice of building structures. In this context, you should know that during your childhood, the lighting kits for Lego structures might be an impossible thing to imagine but now, the LED lighting kits are designed especially to keep every structure alive both in light and dark conditions. Lightailing has a number of lighting sets for various structures like Light Kit for Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more.

 Let’s have a look at the best structures for your kids:

Lego Ideas –Big Bang Theory

Light kit for Big Bang Theory

With 484 Lego pieces, the Big Bang Theory structure with the seven mini-figures of the characters from the show namely Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy will be one such kit that you will love to let your kids install lights on. With minimal lights for the lamps, it is one of the safest lighting kit choices for kids.

Lego Creator –Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

volkswagan van light kit

With the light kit, Volkswagen T1 Camper Van with its eleven windows and rear door opening to a detailed engine will be a perfect delight to your car-loving kids. They can lighten up the interior and the headlights along with indicator lamps and marvel at this 1334 piece structure in awe even when the lights are off.

Lego Creator –The Disney Castle

Flashing light kit for disney castle

Although one of the most complicated structures with 4080 Lego pieces, the Disney Castle 71040 is the perfect treat to your kids’ imagination. The attraction towards Disney castle is something natural in almost every child and let them be creative with the extensive light kits to lighten up the towers, gates, and minarets.

Santa’s Workshop with Winter Holiday Train

Kids love to believe in Santa and letting them lightening up the Santa’s Workshop along with holiday train with LED lights will give them a Christmas feeling. It will be one of the best gifts for Christmas if you let them install fairy lights on the workshop building, on the backs of the reindeer and for the lamps on the carriage where the minifigure of Santa stands.      

The Simpsons House

Light kit for Simpsons House

The Simpsons are among the best cartoons that you enjoyed in childhood, and your kids too should not be devoid of its charm. The light kit for Simpsons House will lighten up the ground and first floor of the famous house of the Simpsons and their garage where the purple family car stands with white LED headlights.

Star Wars R2-D2

Starwars R2-D2 light kit

For a Star Wars fan, the R2-D2 droid would be the safest and easiest choice for installing Light Kit for Lego Star Wars. Help your kid in installing the 2127 pieces to build the famous droid and let them enjoy installing lights on its revolving head.

Apart from the above, the Carousel Set, Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, London Bus, Winter Toy Shop, etc. can be great options for kids to install lights. The light kit is safe to install and are designed as plug and play.     

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