Light Kit For The Safety Procurement Of Fire Brigade

Creating a fire brigade station will be easier for those Lego enthusiasts who have had some experience with fire brigade activities or those who live near the fire station or travel around it regularly. When it comes to assembling any Lego architecture, the fire brigade vehicle and building does not always come to mind as an obvious or common choice. However, for a skilled Lego artist, creating something unique is always enjoyable, and thus the Fire Brigade 10197 kit has been really popular. Thanks to this offbeat popularity, the light kit for Fire Brigade has also come to be useful for users from both adult and sub-adult age group. If you are thinking twice about incorporating the lighting kit, be sure that the plug and play feature of the kit is safe for anyone, even those without any electrical knowledge.

Light up your fire brigade lego set

Things to Know About the Light Kit for Lego Fire Brigade

Your Lego Fire Brigade will not get its complete look unless you have added the mandatory red lights along with the headlights on the vehicle while the fire station needs to be decked up with its interior and exterior lights.

  • The light kit for Lego architecture of the Fire Brigade contains four 30 cm and four 15 cm warm white LEDs, one 15 cm blue LED, two 15 cm red LEDs, one 15 cm red LED with slow flashing technology and five strip lights with warm white tone. The lamp post also has a white LED with a warm tone.
  • The LED lights are compatible and customizable with the two 5 cm, two 15 cm and one 30 cm LED cables. There is also a USB cable for the USB hub which is to be connected with the main power.

light kit for lego set

  • The package contains two expansion boards –one with 8 ports and another with 12 ports. The battery packs are included in the box, and you need to purchase AA batteries for powering the lights.
  • You can light up your Lego set easily with the help of the instruction books written in a universal language where step by step installation guide is given. Although you will get some Lego pieces for the structure, make sure you get the complete Lego Fire Brigade kit because the custom bricks from the lighting kit will not be enough.

Safety Guaranteed for the Light Kit

lights for lego fire brigade set

Lightailing brings you the high quality LED lights and cables which are small sized yet efficient in offering sufficient brightness to the structure without overshadowing the structure at night. The light kit for Fire Brigade lets you customize the lights with multiple kits of different structures you might need to add with the Fire Brigade, and all these can be done by chaining the lighting kits together with the single power source. The package is sturdy, and the delicate kits are packed in plastic boxes surrounded by bubble wrap to avoid damage. Still, it is recommended to test the lights after you have completely assembled the entire structure.

light up your lego sets

While installing the lights, make sure you check that the main power is switched off to ensure safety from electrical hazard. Also, keep the wires and lights properly hidden beneath or between the Lego pieces so that they do not get tampered.

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