The Lighting Magical Kingdom Of Lego Disney Castle Will Surprise You!

Ask any kid who believes in fairy tales, the Disney castle would be his or her favorite and most desired place to live in. Since the days when you were old enough to understand the stories of the Disney princes and princesses, witches and monsters, treasuring the collectibles was something you had always loved, isn’t it? Visiting the Walt Disney World and its castles in Bavaria might not be possible for everyone but that does not mean you stop dreaming about having your own castle. With your Lego Disney Castleyou can literally relive in your childhood fantasy and show your younger ones how magical the world is, or even let your kids assist you in building the castle.

Lego light kit for Disney Castle

Once finished, you will get to lighten up the whole structure with vibrant LEDs –after all, who would want to miss the night glory of the legendary palace? So, what are the surprising features of the lighting set for the Disney castle?

Lights Both During Day And Night

Lego Flashing light kit for Disney Castle

Lightailing offers you the customizable light kits that can be assembled easily with the help of the user guide. The LEDs are designed for the Disney Castle structure but you can customize them according to your wish without having knowledge of any electrical system. All you need to do is to plug in the wires with the USB hub and connect with main power. The lights will be there throughout the day. Therefore, no matter whether it is dark or daytime, your Disney Castle kit will turn the gazes of every onlooker.

What You Will Need For The Structure

Disney castle light kit

Cinderella’s Dream Castle is nothing less than a dream to any woman out there who grew up listening to Cinderella’s story. The Lego castle features three leveled palace with conical pinnacles, towering walls with watchtowers and detailed rooms with lighted windows. The  light kit comes with a few Lego pieces for the structures but you need to get the necessary bricks and plates for the castle. The ground levels are lighted with purplish tint while the top floors have yellowish tint from the LEDs.

  • The package contains customized bricks, LED lights and wires compatible with the lights, which are to be precisely concealed in between the bricks in a way they are not tampered or ruin the overall look of the castle.
  • AA batteries are needed to lighten up the LEDs, however, you need to purchase batteries separately as the package only comes with the Battery pack.
  • Just like Lego technic light kit, the Disney Cinderella Castle lighting kit contains a user guide and instruction manual written in the universal language. With step by step guidance on the installation of the lights, you can be well assured of finishing the entire structure by yourself.
  • USB hubs, cables, extension boards are also included among the accessories

Once you have perfectly assembled all the minute pieces such as the torch, clock, chandelier, armored guard, flower pot, etc for the Disney Castle, start assembling the LED lights with the wires and pass them through the bricks properly. Once done, connect with the power and watch the magic happen!   


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