Light Up Your Journey with Lighting Train!

Creating your favorite vehicle with the small Lego pieces will never seem tiresome or boring as it will allow you to showcase your building skill. Thanks to the light up Lego sets from Lightailing. Your simple High-Speed Passenger Train will get LED lights designed especially for night view.  But before you get the lighting kit, have a look at the structure –

light kit for lego passenger train

The Lego City Passenger Train –What to Expect

The white and grey high-speed city passenger train made of Lego pieces might chug along the Lego track and with its detailed windows, signals along the track and the driver’s compartment, you will have one wonderful Lego experience –

  • Designed especially for kids aged between six to twelve years, the City Passenger Train comes with 677 Lego pieces for the motorized engine having nose cone that can be opened and 10-speed remote control Bluetooth. You can add light kit for Lego train, especially at the driver’s cabin that has opening windows.

light kit for lego passenger train set

  • The highlights of the structure are the roof pantograph, control panel, cafe car, and a passenger car having removable roofs, tables, seats for each as well as train service map. The additional accessories include three mugs, three muffins, croissant, hot dog, and messenger bag for the four mini figures, namely two passengers, train attendant, and train conductor.   
  • You will be able to attach lights for Lego set of the train measuring 27 inches and one inch wide that runs along the circular track consisting of four straight and sixteen curved rails. The buildable signal pole stands by the platform measuring 2 inch high, 4 inches wide and 2 inches deep.
  • You can set the tracks according to your wish, unload or load passengers, drive to a platform with Bluetooth remote control and also lift off the roof to add or remove details inside the cabins.

light up lego passenger train

What to Know About The Light Kit For The Train

Only when you have finished assembling the Lego pieces of the high-speed passenger train, unload the light kit for Lego train to give it a dynamic look regardless of what the light condition of the room is. Although the light set comes with some custom bricks, you need to buy the original Lego set along with batteries for the train and the lights.

  • The light kits are easily customizable and safe to use by even those without much electrical knowledge because the package is created as a plug and play kit.
  • The package contains customized LED light and compatible wires to be connected with the Battery Pack. You have to get the AA Batteries separately.

Light Kit For Trains High-speed Passenger 60051

  • The USB Hub is connected with the main power, and after you have finished installation of lights, you need to switch on the plug, and the structure will lighten up.
  • The wires should be passed beneath and between the Lego pieces to avoid tampering or to ruin the overall look of the train.
  • You will get universal instruction manuals to help you through the installation step by step.  

During your childhood, you might have played with toy trains and marveled at how they move like a busy caterpillar but have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if you were given a Lego set for a city passenger train? Enjoy lightening up the train and create new city scenes whenever you want.

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