The Ultimate Representative Of Star Wars and Its Origins: X-wing Fighter

If you are a millennial or young adult now, chances are that when the legendary Star Wars hit the theatres, you were a kid, not really understanding its significance. But as you look back, the Star Wars universe has since then enchanted numerous of the Sci-fi lovers and once the Lego Star Wars kits were launched in the market, the craze meant no bound. From Death Star to Star Destroyer, Jedi Starfighter to R2-D2 and the Star Wars Lego kits can be your personal design kits to recreate some of the iconic scenes from the movies. The Star Wars X-Wing is one of the newest releases of Lego, as a part of the 20th Anniversary celebration. This Lego kit not only lets you enjoy the Star Wars trivia but also represents the origins of the Star Wars. So, let’s check out what the features of the X-Wing are.

Things You Should Know About Lego Star Wars X-Wing

If you are considering Lightailing light kit for the Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 75218 model, make sure you are efficient enough to handle 730 Lego pieces of the kit. Although the set is designed for anyone within the age group of 8 to 14, adult Star Wars fans will love to enjoy building the structure. The main features are as follows –

  • This Starfighter model for Rebel Attack consists of landing gear that is retractable, R2-D2 space, spring-loaded shooters mounted on the wings, stud shooters across the sides and the moving mini cockpit that has a fire extinguisher on the rear side of the seat.
  • In August, last year, the lever function was added so that you can transform the wings between attack mode and cruise mode. If you want to close its wings, just push the structure down in the attack mode. Another August 2018 addition was that you could fit the droids in lateral position.

Light Kit For Poe's X-Wing Fighter 75102

  • The Star Wars X-Wing package contains spare tiles and stickers for easy transformation of Red Five of Luke Skywalker into Red Three X-Wing of Biggs Darklighter. While changing from one design to the other, you will get the mini-figures compatible for the Fighter.
  • Among the mini-figurines, special are the Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker in pilot attire as well as the astromech droids like R2-D2 and R2-Q2. While there is Blaster Pistol for Darklighter, Skywalker gets Lightsaber along with Blaster Pistol.

Starwar X-Wing Fighter 75102

  • If you want to light up Lego X-Wing, make sure you customize the LEDs according to their measurements. The X-Wing has 11cm height, 30cm width and 34cm length in its Attack Mode.
  • The lighting kits for the structure include some customized Lego bricks and customized LED lights and wires. The USB hub and Battery pack are also included in the package although you need to get the AA Batteries for powering the entire lighting setup inside the bricks.  There is no requirement for electrical knowledge as the instruction manual books state the entire installation process in detailed steps.

Light Kit for starwar X-Wing Fighter 75102

The X-Wing Fighter looks stunning after you have arranged each brick in its place and to make sure that the structure gets highlights even under low or zero light conditions. Create your Star Wars scene with the Lego bricks and once finished, lighten up the structure for a lively look.  

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