LEGO New StarWars Boost Droid Commander Set Of Three Different Droids R2-D2, The Gonk Droid, and The Mouse Droid

The Star Wars fandom is something everyone who loves Sci-fi shows will acknowledge and it can be stated beyond any doubt that all those fans would love to create their own droids inspired from the films. The Lego Star Wars merchandise has long been famous for the structures like Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Super Star Destroyer, Jakku Quad Jumper and so on. Quite recently, on 4th May, which is also acknowledged as Star Wars Day, Lego announced the Boost Droid Commander Set as part of the Star Wars 20th Anniversary merchandise. With the kits hitting the market, the demand for Lego Technic light kit too will rise because you would not want your iconic droids to look dull.

What Can You Expect From Droid Commander Set?

New Star wars Boost Droid Commander set

No matter whether it is testing your Lego building skills or coding, the three Star Wars droids namely the R2-D2, Imperial Mouse and Gonk Droid will let you enjoy the building process as well as adding movement of different sections and even adding sounds. The release of this trio set will be on 1st September, so let’s see what it is about.

  • The set contains 1177 Lego bricks and plates for the three droids. Movement of these droids is possible with distance and color sensors, Move Hub controlled by Bluetooth and the interactive motor.
  • The Lego Star Wars R2-D2, Mouse and Gonk will also come alive with the Star Wars franchise Lego Boost app that can help you add the sensational Star Wars theme on the Droids as they move.

Lego light kit for starwars R2-D2

  • The R2-D2 Droid, one of the famous droids helping in coding will become lively within the drag and drop environment of coding, thanks to the aforesaid app. All you need to do is inserting its Move Hub into droid structure –more than forty missions will be solved by R2-D2.
  • The Lightailing light kit will help you make each mission for the droids look dynamic as ever. Some of the missions allotted for R2-D2 are party infiltration, plotting a course, flight assisting X-Wing, etc. The Gonk Droid can solve missions like powering Droids, working as load lifter, arena training and preparing for the fighting pit. The Imperial Mouse can deliver messages, sweep and dump trash as well as locate the rebels.   

How To Make The Best Scene Out Of Droid Commander Set?

So far, you might have the notion that the main character of the Star Wars droid scenes is your beloved R2-D2 for its coding features but the Gonk droid with an old school charm having buzzsaw attachments and boxing arms as well as the MSE-6 or Mouse droid too are as cool as it goes. The three droids namely Lego Star Wars R2-D2, Gonk, and Mouse are to be used for five locations straight out of the Star Wars movies, for example –Bespin, Death Star, Tatooine, Hoth, and Alderaan. With the customized LEDs connected through the bricks in an oblivious way to not ruining the cool droid look, your three droids will walk, make sound and solve codes and challenges just like you saw on the movies.

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