Amazing Lego Fairground Carousel 31095

The Lego Creator Fairground Carousel 31095 set featuring the three Minifigures can be transformed into Ferris Wheel or Free Fall Ride. With the seven LED lights included in the light kit of Briksmax, the structure will be brightened up even when the room is dark or it is night.

Let your kids above eight years old try and assemble the 595 pieces of the Lego Fairground Carousel 31095 model and enjoy an exciting adventure at the magical fairground. This beginner model from the Lego Creator series can also be used for a great leisure-time Lego building activity for adults as they bring out the three-in-one side of the structure. Rebuilding it in the Ferris Wheel or the Free Fall for extensive fairground fun with three exciting carnival rides. With the Minifigures of two girls and one boy, various carnival playing opportunities are there and you can double up the charm by adding handmade and high-quality lighting accessories provided by Briksmax.

Fairground Carousel 31095 Set –What Makes It Special

With the best Lego light kits, you can lighten up the Fairground Carousel that stands 7 inches tall with 11 inches width and 7 inches depth. The Ferris Wheel and Free Fall Ride having 6 inches and 10 inches height, 5 inches, and 4 inches width and 4 inches and 3 inches depth respectively will also be highlighted alongside.

The Carousel features the merry go round with space theme and it comes with the funky UFO signage with the alien pilot and flying saucer. As you light up Lego bricks, the buildable ticket stall, buildable ice creams at the ice cream cart and the park bench will be highlighted.

You can choose between the four suspended carriages featuring space shuttle, rocket, a quirky spotted cow and alien craft. As you turn its red handle, the carriages will ascend into the air along with the spinning carousel.

Lighting Up Fairground Carousel 31095 With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego 31095  is designed for any 6+ years old enthusiasts and with the universal instruction manual featuring installation steps and illustrations, setting up the lights is easy. There is no electrical knowledge required for the light set up. You will also get a Turn Signal in the light kit along with the user guide for latter installation help and the after-sales warranty card that is valid for 2 years.

You can light up Lego Fairground Carousel  with one blue LED measuring 15cm, one red LED measuring 15cm and five flashing colored lights measuring 15cm each.

Prepare the brick separator in advance so that you can pass the 15cm connecting wire smoothly without tampering it from forcible entry.

Get required batteries for the two Oval CR2032 Battery boxes as there is no battery included in the light kit for Lego Creator Fairground Carousel.

Set up the three expansion boards having 6 ports each and the Adhesive Square, then connect the 30cm power cord with the USB hub. 

On completing the Lego structure, open the light kit and use the five Lego pieces of random color for customization.

The light kit box comes with separate plastic bags wrapped with air-bubble sheets and containing separate accessories. On bringing out the accessories, test them properly and if you find any part broken or malfunctioning, get it replaced by returning it in a week.




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