Marvelous Architecture Empire State Building 21046

Enjoy building the 360-degree viewable Empire State Building 21046 set as a depiction of masterly architecture, design along with history and travel in New York City. Get the Briksmax lighting kit to create a magical night view of this architectural marvel.

With 1767 pieces to assemble, the Empire State Building 21046 model is the tallest structure in the Lego Architecture series, as in July in 2019. Standing 21 inches tall with 7 inches width and 4 inches depth, this replica model resembles the original architectural digest dominating the skyline of New York City. From four intricate façades to the wall design in symmetrical curtain style, from the art deco antenna that was added to the original structure in 1950 to the nameplate depicting ‘Empire State Building’ –an epic 360-degree display is assured. Regardless of your electrical skill, the lighting kit designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts will make sure it gets the perfect night view that the original one boasts of.  

Specialty Of Empire State Building 21046 Set

As an age-appropriate model for Lego builders aged above sixteen, the Empire State Building can be lightened up by Lego light sets  from Briksmax only after you have finished assembling the structure.

You will get an informative booklet containing information regarding architecture, designer, heritage and historical facts of the structure written in English.

The 360-degree view of the structure features detailed façades in a curtain wall design with symmetrical patterns as seen in the original structure and with the Lego LED lights you can highlight the art deco silver-colored antenna tower.

There is the tiled base plate that depicts Fifth Avenue complete with its surrounding roads where six yellow cabs are placed.

How To Lighten Up Empire State Building 21046 Model

On opening the light kit, you will find air-bubble wrapped separate plastic packets that contain the delicate, handmade and premium quality lighting accessories to light up Lego Empire State Building Architect  models. Test each accessory before proceeding to the final set up.

Random colored seventeen Lego pieces are included in the light kit to help you customize the Lego structure as you want. Keep the after-sales warranty card safe for two years and the user guide for help in the latter

To know about how to set up the Adhesive Square or the 6-port and 8-port Expansion boards, follow the universal instruction manual from the light kit for Lego 21046  that comes with detailed steps and illustrations.

As no battery is included, get three AA batteries beforehand for the AA Battery holder and set up the USB hub with the 30cm power cable. Keep the brick separator ready to pass the two connecting cables measuring 50cm each, smoothly without tampering.

The light kit for Lego Architecture Empire State Building  includes one projection lamp of solid color, one flashing colored light measuring 30cm, two 15cm and two 30cm white LEDs and four blue LEDs measuring 15cm each.

The manufacturer will replace any accessory with broken or defective parts if you send it back within a week after getting the light kit delivered. So, while testing, you need to check each part to make sure they are in proper shape and work properly.  



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