Exciting Adventures With Lighting Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120

With Riddler’s helicopter, Commissioner’s police car and Batman’s Batwing, the Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120 set will ensure a nostalgic ride through the DC universe. With the handmade and premium light kit from Briksmax, this model will never be overshadowed in dark.

The Lego DC Super Heroes series brings the fast-paced action scenes between Batman and the Riddler with the 489-piece set Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120. Created for anyone above seven years old, the model comes with the four Minifigures of Batman, Shazam!, Commissioner Gordon and The Riddler as introduced in June last year.  There are Batarang of Batman, two Power Bursts of Shazam, a crowbar of Riddler, weapons and ten assorted elements for creating customized action-packed scenarios. The premium handmade lighting kit from Briksmax is easy to install as it is designed for any 6+ years old enthusiast.

What Makes Batman Batwing And The Riddle Heist 76120 Special

Both the Lego structure and the Lego light sets  come with delicate pieces that are prone to get mingled, lost or even damaged. To avoid any such complication, you should first assemble the structure completely and determine where to put the lights.

Standing 1” tall with 6” length and 7” width, the Batwing with the opening cockpit can be fixed on the Batcave jail roof if you add the Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion 76122 with it. In June 2019, two rapid firing multi shooters having tile Ammos and two stud or tile firing shooters were added where each shooter can fire three tiles at a time.

The Lego night light  will lighten up Riddler’s Helicopter standing 3” tall with 7” length and 1” width featuring the opening cockpit, two flick missiles, spinning rotors, and the chain to hold safe containing two gems and two USD 100 bills and with dial to lock the door.The Police car of Commissioner Gordon stands 1” tall with 5” length and 1” width featuring a removable roof revealing the interior, driver seat, and stickers of Gotham City Police.   

Lighting Up The Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120

The light kit for Lego 76120  contains the accessories in separate plastic packets inside the sturdy box and each packet has air-bubble wrapping to avoid handling damage. There is an After-Sale card valid for two years and a Turn Signal in the light kit.

Prepare the brick separator to pass the wires without force and customize with the Lego structure with the four Lego pieces of random color. The user guide will help you in the latter installation of the lights.  

Light up Lego Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist  with two slow flashing 15cm and 30cm red lights, two 10cm and two 15cm red LEDs, one slow flashing 15cm blue light, six 15cm blue LEDs, one 15cm white LED and three 15cm and four 10cm warm white LEDs.   

Purchase batteries in advance for the three CR2032 Oval battery packs. Connect the three power cables measuring 30cm each with the USB Hub. Set up the Adhesive Square, one 6-port expansion board and two 12-port expansion boards.

No matter whether you have electrical knowledge or not, the illustrated universal instruction manual is there with installation steps. If you find any defective part or broken accessory while testing, get a replacement by returning it within seven days.



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