Dazzling Lights of Lego Ski Resort 60203

Lighten up the winter-themed Ski Resort 60203 model with 4x4 truck, helicopter, snowmobile and trailer attached with it. The light kit from Briksmax is easy to install and will make sure your Lego structure is never out of focus.

Designed as age-appropriate for 6+ years old Lego enthusiasts, the Ski Resort 60203 model from the Lego City series comes with 806 pieces to assemble. With eleven Minifigures including the clerk of the ski shop, three members of ski patrol, skier, helicopter pilot, two kids, snowboarder, customer and clerk at the hot drinks stand, dog figure and the buildable snowman, the snow park becomes complete. When the room lights are switched off or it is dark, the Lego structure will be brightened up by the Briksmax lighting kit. Assembling the structure completely is recommended before you start with the LED light kit to avoid choking hazards.

Special Features Of Ski Resort 60203 Set

As you bright up Lego City Ski Resort, the 4x4 rescue toy truck will be highlighted along with the roof rack and snowplow, a snowmobile with the trailer and helicopter with camera, spinning rotors and an opening Minifigure cockpit.

  • The accessories include three ski pole pairs, four ski pair, four snowboards, four mugs, two cupcakes, two ice picks, two walkie-talkies, two shovels, syringe, binocular pair, hand-cast, first aid and toolbox, axe, wrench, circular saw, snow-shoes, broom, ski goggles, helmet, buildable sign, stretcher, and a warm hat.
  • When you light up Lego bricks, the two leveled rescue base featuring roof antennas for communication, ski shop featuring ski rack, snowboard, and large-screen TV, cupcake and hot drink stand and Snow Park featuring light pole, grind rail and halfpipe with the staircase access will be highlighted.   

Lightening Up The Ski Resort 60203 Model With Light Kit

Confusion over lost pieces and problems arising on breaking delicate parts can be avoided if you open the Lego Ski Resort light kit  box after completing the structure and check each accessory properly before proceeding with the final installation.

  • Get batteries in advance for the two CR2032 Oval Battery packs and the AA battery pack as there isn’t any in the light kit. Use the random colored four Lego pieces for customization with the structure.
  • Keep the after-sales card as a warranty of two years and the user guide for latter installation. Follow each illustrated step on the universal instruction manual for ease of light set up.

  • Light up Lego 60203  with one white and one warm white light strips, two 30cm large,  one 30cm LED and three 15cm LEDs of warm white tone, one slow flashing 15cm and two 10cm red LEDs, three 10cm white LEDs and one slow flashing 15cm green light.
  • Set up the brick separator to pass the 30cm and 15cm connecting cables smoothly, prepare the three 6-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares. Connect the three 30cm power cables to the USB Hub.   
You will get a week’s time after getting the light kit to check the accessories and return any part with a defect so that a replacement can be processed for you. Capture the snowboarding action from the helicopter hovering above the Snow Park with spinning rotors or bring an injured snowboarder or skier on a stretcher to rescue base –there are lots of play opportunities.


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