Rebuild Fun With LED Light Set For LEGO Movie Rex's Rxplorer 70825

Assemble the Rex’s Rexplorer 70825 set with the Minifigures of Rex, raptors, Plantimals, and Emmet from The Lego Movie 2 series. You will never have to keep the structure in dark as the light kit from Lightailing or Briksmax is there with a plug-and-play model.

If you have watched the Lego Movie 2, the Rex’s Rexplorer 70825 set with 1187 pieces will be a great option to recreate various scenarios from the animated movie. Designed as age-appropriate for 9+ years old enthusiasts, the structure stands seven inches tall, seven inches wide and twelve inches long. In January, last year, the Minifigures of T-Rex and Emmet were included in the model along with two buildable Plantimals and two raptor figures. No matter whether it is dark or the room lights are switched off, the handmade lighting kits from Briksmax or Lightailing will help brighten up the model.  

What Make The Rex’s Rexplorer 70825 Model So Special

Once the Lego Movie Rex’s Rexplorer 70825  is completely assembled, you can start with the light kit that comes packed inside the sturdy box. To keep the accessories safe from damage, each accessory is packed in separate plastic bags and air-bubble wrapping is added.

  • While one Plantimal stands three inches high, eight inches wide and two inches deep, another is one inch tall, two inches wide and two inches deep. Among the two buildable Plantimals, one has the trap function that is enabled when you press its button for activating the arms and capturing the Minifigure or raptor.

  • Lego 70825 comes with two opening raptor or Minifigure cockpits, six stud shooters, two spring-loaded shooters, opening raptor or Minifigure compartment at the rear side, removable speeder, rotating engines and extra ammo inside the storage box.  
  • When removed, the Speeder reveals one of the cockpits and two of the stud shooters. The buildable stud shooter can be mounted on the raptor skateboard or on the raptor.
  • Accessories include two energy drinks for the Rex while weapons include two Stud Shooters of the Rex and the Tracker Gun for unusual activity.

Knowing About Rex’s Rexplorer 70825 Light Kit

You do not need electrical knowledge to light up Legos  because it is suitable for anyone aged above six years. Get sufficient AA batteries for the battery pack as the light kit does not contain any and prepare the brick separators to prevent damage of wires due to forcible entry.

  • You will get nine random colored Lego bricks that can be used for Lego structure customization. Keep the user guide for the latter light kit installation and the universal instruction manual for illustrated step-by-step installation guide.

  • Light kit for Lego Movie Rex’s Rexplorer 70825  includes two white light strips, one large warm white 15cm LED, four slow flashing 30cm red LEDs, two 30cm blue LEDs and nine 30cm white LEDs.
  • Prepare the Adhesive Square and two expansion boards with 8 ports and 12 ports respectively. Prepare the USB hub with a 30cmpower cable. Pass the 5cm, 15cm and 30cm connecting cables smoothly between the stubs.

There is an after-sale card covering manufacturer warranty of two years and you can return any light kit with quality issues within a week to get a replacement. Test each accessory properly and make sure they are in proper shape and working properly.  





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