Unlock The Impressive Build With Light For App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109

With over 400 Lego pieces to assemble, the App-controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109 set offers digital play with the CONTROL+ mobile app that is powered by the smart hub. Make the play experience more enjoyable at night with the premium and handmade lighting kit from Briksmax.

Inspired by the Stig as shown in the BBC Top Gear, the Lego Technic series brings out the pp-controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109 set with 463 pieces to assemble. Designed for any 9+ years old enthusiast, this racing car structure ensures premium global safety while meeting the quality standards. Standing 10 inches tall with 5 inches width and 3 inches height, this motorized car defines speed in a stylish way and assembling the model is easy with the instructions included in the box. As you get the batteries for the lighting kit, you should also get six 1.5V AA batteries that should be inserted in the Smart Hub for enjoying a fully powered digital play through app controls.

Specialty Of The App-controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109

The Lego Technic 42109 light kits  are designed for anyone above six years old and once you have finished assembling the structure, download the CONTROL+ app before adding the light accessories.

Check the compatible device list before installing the Lego Technic CONTROL+ app. The Smart Device is powered by the Smart Hub having one L and one XL motor. The three screens offer multi-function control so that users will get movements with perfect precision.

From various control screens, you can move in forward and backward directions, accelerate, steer, tackle obstacles and brake as necessary. The Lego light kits work in harmony with the play combinations and sound effects.

You will get feedback in real-time with a tilt and speed log, test your skill at the racing challenges tab on the app.

Lighting The App-controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109 Set

Finish assembling the Lego structure and customize it with the two random colored Lego pieces. Keep the user guide for help in latter installation and the after-sales card for manufacturer warranty that is valid for two years.

As the Lego App-controlled Top Gear Rally Car light kit  does not include any battery, get the required ones for the Oval CR2032 Battery holder. Forcible insertion of wires may result in damage –make sure you set up the brick separators to pass the 15cm connecting cable smoothly between the stubs.

Now, follow each step and check each illustration on the instruction manual written in the universal language to install the lighting accessories even without having any knowledge in electrics.

  • The Lego decoration is customizable and you can install the two 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs along with two warm white 30cm LEDs and one warm white light strip easily.
  • Prepare the 8-port expansion board and place the Adhesive Squares accordingly. Connect the 30cm power cable and set up the USB hub.

The light kit box contains accessories separately in plastic packets wrapped in air-bubble films to avoid damage. You should check each accessory and test them before installation so that in case of any defective or broken part, you can opt for return and replacement within a week.    




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