Remarkable Cokpite To Your Build Set: Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249

The Lego Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249 set with 500+ pieces will create a perfect replica of the fighter-bomber from the latest Star Wars movie. Check out the handmade lighting kit from Briksmax that will highlight the special features of the structure and keep it bright even at night.

The hype around the 2019 movie Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is not dimmed yet and the Lego Star Wars series has brought out the Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249 model. With 578 Lego pieces to assemble, the structure is suitable for any Lego builder aged above eight as it stands 2 inches tall with a length of 16 inches and a width of 7 inches. With the five-character Minifigures from the Star Wars franchise namely Poe Dameron, First Order Snowtrooper, Zorii Bliss, astromech droid and D-O, there are endless play opportunities. For any 6+ years old Lego builder, installing the light kit from Briksmax will be an easy task and for that, you do not even need any electrical knowledge.

Highlights Of Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249

Before adding Lego lights  you should complete assembling the Lego structure that is an updated one as in October last year. The red, white and grey color scheme perfectly complement this celebrated fighter ship cum bomber or wishbone as depicted in the movie.

The weapons in the set are two blaster pistols for Zorii, one blaster pistol for Poe and the blaster for the First Order Snowtrooper. Another striking thing is the molded helmet of Zorii that was a new addition in October 2019.

With the light kit for Lego 75249 set, you can highlight the opening cockpit with Minifigure space, landing gear that can be folded, two spring-loaded shooters with firing function along with top-loaded trigger-activated bombs that you can release and drop to recreate action-packed scenes.

Lighting Up The Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249

The light kit does not include any battery and you should buy them separately for the Oval CR2032 battery box before installing the lights. Also, prepare the brick separator so that while hiding the wires between the stubs, you do not end up damaging them. Test the accessories of the Lego Star Wars Resistance Y Wing light kit  before moving on to the final set up.

The handmade lighting accessories can be seamlessly installed if you follow each step and check the illustrations in the universal instruction book. Even for the latter installation, the user guide will prove to be helpful. There is also an after-sales card that will cover a manufacturing warranty for two years from delivery.

You can enjoy customizing the Lego structure by adding the five Lego pieces of random color included in the light kit. Light up Resistance Y-Wing Lego  with the two slow flashing red lights measuring 30cm each, one warm white 15cm LED, two blue LEDs measuring 15cm each and two pink LEDs measuring 30cm each –these will highlight the front and rear lights and the cockpit.

Insert the batteries in the Oval CR2032 pack, place the Adhesive Square and connect the USB cable measuring 30cm with the hub. Make sure that the main power supply is below 5V otherwise electrical burning can occur.

With perfect air-bubble wrapping inside the hardy box, the lighting accessories in the plastic packets are not likely to get tampered. Still, check each accessory properly, test their functionality and return-replace any defective item within one week.      




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