An Elegant Piece of Mindful Art: Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200

Celebrate the anniversary of the Star Wars universe with Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200 display model that can challenge your creative skills. Both Lightailing and Briksmax come with high-quality lighting kits that can highlight your frame in different colors, especially when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200

Lucasfilm has just completed the 50th anniversary this year and after the celebration of Star Wars Day on 4th May, you might be longing for a Lego set to assemble for enjoying the nostalgia. Well, the expert-level The Sith 31200 structure consisting of 3406 Lego pieces from the Lego Star Wars can be the perfect option to check out if you have completed eighteen years. As the legendary soundtrack of Star Wars is being played in the background, this three-in-one model will come alive with the realistic representation of the portraits of the three significant characters from the universe. To avoid misplacing or breaking any delicate small part, it is necessary to build the portrait first and then open the lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax.   

Highlighting The Sith 31200 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200

The Lego Star Wars light  kit is created as a plug-and-play set for anyone above six years and it is not necessary to have electrical skills. Before lightening up, you should make sure that all items are included in the box and are working properly.

As a robust décor piece for displaying on the wall, shelf or hanging, this Lego Art model is square in shape and each side is 15.5 inches. No battery is needed for the set but the Lego light kit needs AA batteries as the battery holder is provided without any battery.

There is a coffee-table instruction guide for making this art project successful. Starting with the Darth Vader portrait, the book is accompanied by the soundtrack made especially for the set including details about the set and audio stories.

Light Kit For Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200

The LED for Lego 31200  will let you highlight the “dark force side” with the nine canvas décor plates, the buildable Lego frame and the signature Star Wars plate that comes with the brick separator and the unique hanging element.

Creating the portraits of the Sith Lords namely Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and Darth Maul will be intriguing and it becomes exciting when you combine the three vibrant sets to build the large triple-sized Darth Vader Ultimate Build holding a light saber.

Light Kit For Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200

The lights for Lego include twelve RGB colors like red, yellow, warm white, green, ice-blue, blue, purple etc. Remote control is added with the light kit that lets you switch on and off the lights and add effects like fade, flash, smooth strobe.   

The remote helps in adjusting the white balance and brightness of each color according to the surrounding light condition. The light kit contains illustrated manual for installation of each accessory and LED for Lego set  in the universal language alongside the user guide.

Light Kit For Lego Star Wars The Sith 31200

You will get a 1-year warranty with the after-sales card. The kit also includes connecting cables to pass with the help of plate separator, expansion boards, USB cable and Adhesive Square.

The box of light kit has plastic packets wrapped in bubble sheets inside which LEDs and peripherals are packed separately. Any defective item can be returned in a week for replacement.

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